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  • Blog Post: Bird Names: Avian options beyond Robin and Raven

    James Midnight--is his name sounding a little less out there to your ears yet?  The rockn' Robin

  • Blog Post: Best Boys' Storybook Names: Beyond Christopher Robin and Max

    Last week we found some great names for girls in beloved children’s books, and now it’s the boys’ turn. But to avoid the risk of their commandeering the list, we’re ignoring all the Harry Potter, Twilight, Hobbit and Narnia franchise boys in favor of heroes and supporting players from a variety of sources-- picture books to classic tales to YA novels. As always, it’s tough to pick a dozen best from all the endless possibilities, but here is our list of Top 13 storybook names for...

  • Fameberry: Rocco Robin

    Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale

  • Forums: Sibling for Genevieve and Robin

  • User List: favorites


  • Blog Post: A Tale of Two Christopher Robins--or how I got my name

    By Christopher Robin Finch Since shortly after Nameberry hit the internet six years ago, my wife

  • Fameberry: Tobin Jack

    Karolina Kurkova

  • Fameberry: Julian Fuego

    Paula Patton & Robin Thicke

  • Fameberry: Oscar Holly

    Robin Tunney and Nicky Marmet

  • List: Bird Baby Names

    Wren, Merle, Deryn, Raven, Jay, Avis, Alouette, Lark, Talon, Jarita, Robin, Phoenix, Sparrow, Manu

  • User List: Fire Emblem Names

    Camilla, Corrin, Leo, Lissa, Lucina, Robin, Xander

  • User List: Names that sound passe for a girl but fresh for a boy

    Dana, Kelly, Kerry, Lindsay, Morgan, Shannon, Taylor, Robin

  • User List: Tomboy Baby Names

    Del, Jaci, Quinn, River, Thames, Vale, Tristen, Robin

  • Blog Post: Pre-Natal Nicknames: Peanut and Pie

    referring to the fetus as Christopher Robin, as in "How's little Christopher Robin doing?" In the

  • User List: Real Unisex Names

    , Sawyer, Sawyer, Tatum, Tatum, Lennon, Lennon, Robin, Robin, Auguste, Auguste, Rowan

  • User List: The Top Picks

    Delaney, Huxley, Juno, Leary, Leslie, Luna, Nova, Raoul, Robin, Stella, Beatrix, Pheonix, Hannah, Geoffrey, Lila, Arthur

  • User List: Bartram boys

    Alexander, Andrew, Caleb, Cameron, Connor, Conrad, Duncan, Emmet, Eric, Ernest, Harvey, Jeremy, Keith, Malcolm, Rhys, Robin

  • User List: Favorite Boy Names

    Klaus, Leif, August, Killian, Claude, Clay, Cliff, Hank, Rune, Roman, Sinclair, Robin

  • User List: * Bird Names - Whimsical, Wacky, and WTF *

    Crow, Dove, Falcon, Finch, Halcyon, Hawk, Heron, Jay, Lark, Myna, Peregrine, Raven, Robin, Sparrow, Starling, Wren

  • List: Baby Names with Animal Meanings

    Wolf, Lark, Robin, Wren, Fox, Rachel, Lynx, Salmon, Pike, Dingo, Fauna, Tiger, Jaguar, Puma, Lionel

  • User List: Names I Love

    Axel, Cameron, Camille, Felix, Finn, Piper, Robin, Thea, Veronica, Violet, Vivienne

  • List: Baby Names from Children's Books

    , Prosper, Ramona, Robin, Ronja, Rosmerta, Rue, Rupert, Sawyer, Serafina, Sirius, Sophie, Stellaluna

  • User List: R is for Really great boys names

    Rafferty, Rufus, Rhodes, Rory, Rocky, Remington, Robin, Roscoe, Roman, Romeo, Rome, Ryan, Ryker, Reece, Robert, Royal, Randall

  • User List: Normal Boys

    Drake, Elliott, Finn, Francis, Gabriel, Henry, Isaac, Jody, Jude, Lawrence, Flynn, Christian, Clark, Robin, Kirk, Julius, Roman, Julian, Ash

  • Blog Post: New Names for The Secret Garden

     Martha's character. Ben Weatherstaff..... Benjamin Robin This is more of a guilty pleasure name

  • Blog Post: Dutch Girls' Names: From Familiar to Wha……?

    such names as Linda, Lisa, and Robin. Then there is the group which is more exotic if not totally

  • User List: Festive Names

    , Holly, Miracle, Nicholas, Nicole, Noel, Noelle, Pine, Robin, Saint, Scarlet, Snow, Star, Stella, Winter, Yule, Dancer

  • User List: Current Boy Favorites

    , Justin, Martin, Merritt, Micah, Miles, Robin, Ross, Ryker, Travis, Tristan, Wesley

  • User List: Wild Names

    , Mare, Ox, Paloma, Phoenix, Raven, Robin, Starling, Wilder, Wolf, Wren, Zooey

  • Blog Post: 10 Names Going Back to the Boys

    again. Morgan Freeman wears it well. Robin. Bird names, and nature names in general, are unisex in