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  • Fameberry: Mercy

    Andy Richter

  • Blog Post: Creative Baby Names: The best dancers' names from Allegra to Merce

    Coincidentally or not, many dancers have names that aptly project an image of lightness and grace. And this cuts across many disciplines of dance, from toe to tap, and across generations as well. As with all artistic children, we have to wonder how much influence the parents who chose their creative baby names had on their offspring’s vocations. Is it serendipitous that ballerina Allegra Kent was given a name that projects such a quintessentially dancer-like image? But hold on--before we jump...

  • Blog Post: New Starbabies born in May: A Future, a Mercy, and two Rivers

    Paulsen) Lucy Marie, sister of Miller and Jackson (Scott and Kelley Wolf) Mercy, sister of Anouk and

  • User List: Girls Names

    Dove, Isabeau, Seraphine, Mercy, Megumi, Rachel, Kerenza, Kerensa, Cora, Mai

  • User List: Guilty Pleasures (Girls)

    Zara, Araminta, Seraphina, Arabella, Xanthe, Valentina, Ophelia, India, Isabeau, Mercy

  • User List: Girl names

    Alvie, Aspen, Darcy, Ivy, Mercy, Octavia, Adeline, Adelaide, Mila

  • User List: Minkesh

    Hope, Emma, Grace, Madelene, Lila, Kaya, Lorelei, Bryony, Jade, Mercy

  • List: Colonial Names for Girls

    , Fanny, Hecuba, Henrietta, Hepzibah, Hester, Keturah, Keziah, Lydia, Mahala, Mercy, Modesty, Patience

  • Blog Post: Winnie, Minnie, Millie, Tillie: Sweet and sassy vintage nickname names

    forms like Cindy and Mindy and Marci and Lori, but go further back in time to faded Victorian

  • List: Virtue Names

    , Prudence, Patience, Modesty, Mercy, Illumination, Grace, Fidelity, Comfort, Honor, Fideline

  • User List: Potential Middles

    Evangeline, Isaiah, James, Lucy, Pearl, Faith, Luke, Barnaby, Sophia, Felicity, Honor, Owen, Piper, Mercy, Blythe

  • List: Creative Baby Names

    , Electra, Ianthe, Calliope, Gulliver, Ocean, Darius, Jasper, Merce, Orion, Cerulean, Zeno, Xan, Joss

  • Blog Post: Vampire Baby Names


  • List: Rocker and Rapper Kids' Names

    , Frankito, Geronimo, Giacomo, Happy, Heaven, Hendrix, Mercy, Percy, Indigo, Kama, Karma, King, Lennon

  • User List: Girls

    Mercy, Georgiana, Adelaide, Cady, Cora, Glory, Harriette, Harriet, India, Indira, Lila, Mabel, Magdalyn, Nora, Parker, Polly, Ruby, Talulla, Vivian

  • List: Middle Names with Meaning

    Answer, Ever, Arcadia, Hope, Grace, Patience, Mercy, True, Truth, Journey, Bliss, Karma, Kismet

  • User List: Majestic M's

    Magnus, Mirabelle, Mordecai, Mercy, Mungo, Magdalene, Moore, Mildred, Moses, Margaret, Macaulay

  • User List: My Favorite GIRL names

    America, Autumn, Amber, Winter, Rain, Saphira, Freedom, Illyanna, Arabella, Clementine, Hazel, Johanne, Melinda, Mercy, Oceana, Primrose, Promise

  • List: Old-Fashioned Baby Names

    , Louise, Lydia, Arthur, Theo, August, Mercy, Leopold, Olive, Sophia, Isabel, Isaac, Julian

  • Blog Post: Boys' Names: 8 greats under the radar

    Merce project a super creative image via their artistic namesakes: Johnny Mercer was a charming and

  • List: Two-Syllable Baby Names

    , Bridget, Flora, Iris, Milla, Justine, Leah, Delta, Brontë, Ruby, Mercy, Gaenor, Chloe, Isaac, Patrick

  • List: Spiritual Baby Names

    , Justice, Kismet, Light, Lourdes, Madonna, Mercy, Messiah, Miracle, Moon, Mystery, Nevaeh, Pax, Paz

  • List: Girls' Names That End in Y

    , Romy, Mindy, Becky, Dorothy, Jenny, Ginny, Ivy, Kerry, Mercy, Sherry, Tammy, Wendy, Waverly, Bellamy

  • User List: Jenny's List

    , Hannah, Anne, Caitlin, Francesca, Dominique, Era, Cassandra, Gabrielle, Talya, Briana, Elle, Yvaine, Isabella, Charis, Mercy, Seraphina

  • Blog Post: M Baby Names: Initial of the future?

    Marine Marjorie Marlow or Marlowe Martha Matilda Maude Mazarine Melisande Mercy

  • List: Good Girls

    , Lilac, Lily, Louisa, Lourdes, Lucy, Madonna, Margaret, Marian, Martha, Mercy, Miriam, Modesty, Naomi

  • Blog Post: Happy Baby Names: Cheery choices for your child

    choosing a name such as: Amity Charity Grace Honor Hope Faith Justice Mercy Patience Prudence Serenity True Verity

  • User List: Exotic Lovelies for Girls

    Ellera, Petra, Meri, Ulla, Suren, Valentina, Paloma, Samara, Oona, Esme, Chiara, Ginevra, Nico

  • List: Unique Baby Girl Names

    , Muse, Appoline, Dwyn, Vica, Louisiana, Pavla, Yara, Zora, Tamsin, Romola, Mercy, Olympia, Halona

  • Blog Post: Colonial Names: Great New Old Choices

    colonial names aren't ripe for revival. A few of the colonial names on this list -- notably Mercy