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  • Blog Post: Jane Austen Names

    charming names of Jane Austen. I still remember my first Jane Austen experience. I was turning

  • Blog Post: Georgian Girls Names: Alethea, Augusta and Jane

    of course; however, Jane Austen gave me even more. With her novels, I got the charming, delightful

  • Blog Post: The Case for the Many-Nicknamed Name

    By Kathleen McIntosh Looking at the Top 20 most popular names, it's obvious that nickname-rich appellations are just as much in favor these days as those that are nickname free. Ask a parent who prefers the former, and they'll almost inevitably tell you that people ask, "Why give your child a formal name if you're going to call them something else?" There are plenty of reasons to forego a formal name on the birth certificate or to use it in full daily, but I've never understood the...

  • Blog Post: Manhattan Street Names: Jane & John, Carmine & Cornelia

    after President Andrew Jackson JANE –originally owned by the Jaynes family; spelling changed when the

  • Blog Post: Notable September Names: Hugo, Indigo and Jane

    esoteric, and beautiful in its simplicity. Jane--Jane Addams was a social reformer whose given name

  • Blog Post: Classic Girls' Names: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

    Jane Eyre, and I couldn’t help noticing how many times this particularly dreamy Rochester (Toby

  • Blog Post: Popular baby names: The case for the common name

    Today's guest blogger Kristen, aka Swistle, confronts the question of popular baby names--and explains why it's okay to use them. More common than the name is this naming concern heard from parents: "We don't want her to be one of five  in every class." We know they don't need to worry about that: even the name Jennifer, with its impressive peak usage of 4 out of every 100 girls, didn't achieve such a feat---and today's #1 name can't compete at just over 1 girl in 100. But another...

  • Fameberry: Jane

    Jimmy Kimmel & Molly McNeary

  • List: Jane Austen Names for Boys

    Bertram, Clay, Elton, Fitzwilliam, Gardiner, Russell, Willoughby, Darcy, Elliot, Grey, Price

  • List: Jane Austen Baby Names

    Anne, Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Elinor, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Augusta, Georgiana

  • List: International Variations of Jane

    , Sinéidin, Ioanna, Shawn, Janina, Iva, Ivanka, Joasta, Ivana, Juanita, Jans, Ivanna, Sheena, Jane

  • Blog Post: Doctor Who Names, Part 2--Companion Names: Ace, Tegan and Sarah Jane

    the U.S. Sarah Jane Smith (1973-1976 & 2006-2011) Sarah Jane tops many people's lists as

  • Blog Post: Baby Name News: Mabel Jane, Betsy-Blu and Next Baby Baldwin

    feminine name, this week’s celebrity births might inspire you. Mabel Jane is the new daughter of

  • Fameberry: Ivy Jane

    Jessa Duggar

  • User List: Jane Austen

    Elizabeth, Fitzwilliam, Jane, Mary, Catherine, Lydia, Charles, Caroline, Georgiana, George, William

  • User List: Jane Austen

    , Emily, Fanny, Frederica, Georgiana, Hannah, Henrietta, Harriet, Hetty, Isabella, Jane, Jemima

  • Fameberry: Titus Jasper Jake Icarus

    Lucy Sykes

  • Fameberry: London Jane

    Neal McDonough

  • Fameberry: Evan Jane

    Jon Heder

  • Fameberry: Jade Marie

    Giada de Laurentis & Todd Thompson

  • Fameberry: Clementine Jane

    Ethan Hawke

  • Fameberry: Wilhelmina Jane

    Natalie and Taylor Hanson

  • User List: Middle Names for Jane


  • User List: Jane Austen Names

    , Isabel, Isabella, Jack, James, Jane, Janet, Janetta, Jebb, Jem, Jemima, John, Julia, Laurina, Letitia

  • User List: Middle name for jade

    Aria, Liora, Holiday, Holly, Amoret, Aura, Lilith, Ione, Ionna, Paz, Frost, Lyric, Xanthe, Ianthe, Valentine, Thora, Cassia, Isis, Seren, Elara, Calixta

  • User List: Jane Austen's Names

  • User List: Jane Austen's Era

    , Hannah, Harriet, Harriot, Harry, Helen, Henrietta, Henry, Hetty, Humphrey, Isabella, Jack, James, Jane

  • User List: Nicknames for Brianna Jane

    Ane, Anina, Annia, Ari, Bara, Barrie, Bea, Bennie, Binnie, Birdie, Briar, Ibby, Ida, Ina, Irina, Nan, Nana, Nann, Nanou, Nera, Nia, Nin, Ninon, Nita, Ria, Rin, Rina, Ara, Beryl, Nena, Mim, Mimi, Nina, Ninna, Zan, Zanna, Zinnia, Nora, Norie, Iris, Winnie, Neri, Bonnie, Nara, Rosie, Ruby, Anita, Willow, Mabel, Betty, Malin

  • Fameberry: Olivia Jane

    Colin Hanks

  • Fameberry: Keeva Jane

    Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof