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  • User List: Bird and Birding Baby Names

    , Merlin, Minna, Muir, Oriole, Otis, Paloma, Penelope, Phoebe, Raven, Rhea, Rissa, Robin, Roger

  • User List: Uncommon but useable names

    , Sibylline, Sybil, Cecily, Bear, Wolf, Luella, Talullah, Arlo, Tavi, Raven, West, Jago, Noaz, Nico, Rory

  • User List: Unisex

    , Merritt, Mischa, Mercury, Nori, Oakley, Onyx, Praxis, Padget, Pasha, Pax, Remy, Raven, Scout, Sorrell

  • User List: Remarkable R Names [girls]

    , Rapunzel, Raven, Ratih, Raziah, Rebecca, Read, Reagan, Reba, Rea, Reese, Regina, Reiko, Ren, Renee

  • List: Names That Mean Trouble

    , Cain, Raven, Mallory, Joplin, Tavora, Kessie, Desdemona, Mortimer, Diablo, Lucifer, Dolores, Letha

  • Blog Post: 9 Ways to Choose an Unusual Baby Name

    Day, Baltimore Raven Justin Forsett and wife Michelle welcomed his their first, son Zion. Lauryn Hill

  • Blog Post: August Babyberries: Singlets, Triplets and Twins

    Channing Klein Cordelia Amaryllis Saffron Daisy Ryan, sister of Raven Emersyn Rose, sister

  • Blog Post: Influential Baby Names: Star Athletes

    -Norman French word meaning “little raven.” It would have originally referred to someone with a dark

  • Blog Post: Newsy Names this Week: Aberdeen, Hercules and Via

    ), and how much they love it - and her big sister’s name, Raven. Place names tend to be more

  • Blog Post: The Birds and the B's: Birdie and Bodhi

    bird names out there, from Top 1000 choices Wren and Raven to ones you may not even realise are

  • Blog Post: 125+ Rare and Amazing Nature Names

    , Raven, and Reed all in the Top 500 in 2017. But parents are increasingly looking to even more

  • Blog Post: Unique Baby Names, Nameberry Style!

    Mahogany March Mimosa Nightingale Orchid Owl Pansy Raven Reverie Rook

  • User List: Girl Names

    , Tallulah, Marina, Raven, Storm, Venus, Serena, Lilith, Katherine, Lenore, Viola, Scarlett, Ursula, Evangeline, Zora, Ophelia, Eliora, Ruby, Phoebe

  • User List: My favorite girl's names

    Rainey, Estelle, Stella, Starla, Starling, Celestia, Luna, Trixie, Kitty, Bunny, Raven, Cat, Poppy

  • User List: Nature Names for Girls - Uncommon

    Wisteria, Soleil, Luna, Raven, Sparrow, Starling, Saffron, Echo, Neve, Indigo, Linden, Cassia

  • User List: Nature-Inspired Baby Names

    , Owen, Phoenix, Raven, River, Robin, Rowan, Rye, Sage, Shepherd, Sierra, Starling, Stellan, Stone, Storm, Violet, Walden, Wilder, Willow, Wren, Zoe, Zora

  • User List: Unique names

    , Rowan, Romy, Aurora, Estrella, Luna, Leona, Leonie, Fawn, Raven, Draven, Hale, Cypress, Clove, Poe

  • User List: I Just Love Names!

    , Marshall, Morna, Nicolo, Nola, Ollie, Paige, Parker, Piper, Quinn, Raven, Reed, Remington, River, Sasha

  • User List: Badass Girls Names

    , Raven, Venus, Storm, Xena, Moxie, Ruby, Persephone, Ariadne, Antigone, Sloane, Juno, Hero, Monique

  • User List: Animal Names

    , Madigan, Nyala, Oberon, Oona, Quill, Quillan, Raven, Robin, Ronan, Sable, Sparrow, Starling, Theron

  • User List: The Cream Filling

    , Hemingway, Jett, Joah, Raven, Dalton, Lou, Abram, Armand, Maverick, Marlin, Eli, Creed, Nash, Calder, Blaze

  • User List: Nature Names for Girls

    , Poppy, Primrose, Raven, Rory, Rose, Ruby, Sable, Sapphire, Scarlett, Senna, Sparrow, Starling, Tala, Topaz, Violet, Willow, Wren, Zahara

  • User List: Badass Names

    Red, Loch, Jax, Atlas, Piper, Hunter, Ryder, Lex, Niki, Roxy, Callie, Layne, Miles, Raven, Wren

  • User List: The BEST girls names

    , Primrose, Quinn, Raven, Russia, Scarlet, Tawny, Tyler, Veronika, Violet, Ysabelle, Yvaine, Reinette, Barbara, Barbette

  • User List: NATURE NAMES

    , Lake, Leaf, Mahogany, Maple, Marsh, Meadow, Moss, Oak, Olive, Onyx, Rain, Rainbow, Raven, Reed, River

  • User List: The 100 TV Show Names

    , Luna, Marcus, Marie, Maya, Miles, Miller, Monty, Morgan, Murphy, Octavia, Paige, Pike, Raven, Rhiannon

  • User List: E's Extraordinary Girl Favourites

    , Maeve, Marigold, Nova, Pandora, Peridot, Phoenix, Piper, Posey, Primrose, Raven, Rue, Saffron

  • User List: Characters

    , Phoenix, Piper, Quinn, Raven, Reveka, Rio, Sage, Saylor, Skye, Sparrow, Spirit, Teagan, Wren, Wynter, Zelda

  • User List: London Tube Names

    Quay, Queen, Abbey, Raven, Acton, Alexandra, Angel, Raynes, Richmond, Russell, Barnet, Baron, Bond

  • User List: Girls

    , Haven, Vivian, Juniper, Raven, Lenore, Sabrina, Lyra, Snow, Tatiana, Cressida, Lilith, Petra, Penrose