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  • Blog Post: Christmas Baby Names: From Natalie to Noel

    Some Christmas baby names whisper their connection to the season: Think of Bailey, the surname of the main character from It’s a Wonderful Life, or Snow, the stuff we dream will give us a white Christmas. And then there are those that trumpet the yuletide season loud and clear, like the 13 classic Christmas baby names featured here. [imagebrowser id=79]

  • Blog Post: Great Christmas Names Beyond Noel and Natalie

    By Linda Rosenkrantz When you’re looking for a name for a Christmastime babe, you can go the obvious route with Noel and Noelle, Mary or Merry, or you could consider a more subtle reference. Here are Nameberry’s 2016 picks of 12 great not-quite-under-the-mistletoe yuletide names.  Balthazar Balthazar, also spelled Balthasar, was one of the three kings who visited the infant Jesus bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. A distinguished literary name, Balthazar has been used...

  • Blog Post: Pre-Natal Nicknames: Peanut and Pie

    Sometimes pre-natal nickname stories have a happy ending. For instance, when my British mother-in

  • Fameberry: Natalia (Twin)

    Adam Carolla

  • Forums: Nadalia vs. Natalia

  • Forums: Middle Name for Natalia

  • Fameberry: Maxim

    Natalia Vodianova

  • Fameberry: Wilhelmina Jane

    Natalie and Taylor Hanson

  • Fameberry: Luke

    Natalie Morales

  • Fameberry: Roman

    Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault

  • Fameberry: Aleph

    Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

  • Fameberry: Amalia

    Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

  • List: If You Like Alexandra, You Might Love...

    , Gabriella, Julietta, Liliana, Mirabella, Raffaela, Tatiana, Alexandra, Georgiana, Natalia, Dominica, Federica, Philippa, Theodora, Valentina

  • User List: Cool girl names

    Audrey, Sloane, Emmeline, Natalie, Rachel

  • User List: Popular Puerto Rican Baby Names

    Noelia, Angel, Valeria, Izan, Natalia

  • User List: Unnamed List

    Brennan, Brianna, Natalie, Gabriella, Sophia

  • List: Christmas Baby Names

    , Natalie, Virginia, Lucia, Gloria, Joy, Merilee, Noelle, Stella

  • User List: Girls

    Chiara, Ingrid, Ruby, Imogen, Caroline, Isabella, Natalie

  • List: Popular Baby Names for Girls

    , Addison, Mia, Natalie, Alexis, Madison, Hailey, Ella, Grace, Alyssa, Avery, Leah, Nevaeh

  • User List: FAVOURITE EVER.

    Clara, Eliza, Isla, Lucie, Natalia, Liv, Madeleine, Sara, Asher, Adrian

  • User List: Ballet Names (Girls)

    Allegra, Margot, Maria, Courtney, Darcy, Anna, Mette, Mathilde, Natalia, Rose, Tatiana, Irina

  • Blog Post: How To Name Your Christmas Baby

    visit Jesus Natalia, Natalie- Derived from natal which means "birth", Natale is the Italian word

  • User List: My girls list

    , Luisa, Lydia, Nadia, Naomi, Natalia, Natalie, Paige, Penelope, Piper, Rory, Rosalind, Rue, Sadie, Willow, Wren, Willa

  • Blog Post: More Baby Names Needed for a Short Short List

    and lyrical as Selina and Sienna, but with the rhythm of Natalie your husband loves. Natalia

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names Insider: Viggo Moriah

    We teamed up with's Celebrity Baby Blog to bring you this look behind Natalie and

  • List: Girl Names ALWAYS in the Top 1000

    , Lydia, Martha, Miriam, Naomi, Josie, Julie, Lucia, Rosa, Kathryn, Natalie, Angelina, Barbara, Cynthia, Evelyn, Iris, Amanda

  • Blog Post: Christmas Baby Names

    etymologically linked to this name Melchior- The third king to visit Jesus Natalia, Natalie- Derived

  • User List: lovely names for girls

    Louisa, Eleanor, Sophie, Catherine, Alice, Genevieve, Natalie, Naomi, Emilie, Lucie

  • Blog Post: Christmas Names: Beyond Nicholas and Noel

    , Natalie- Derived from natal which means “birth”, Natale is the Italian word for Christmas; Natasha

  • User List: Friends' names. (Of babies now and forthcoming)

    Jude, Astrid, Gemma, Louise, Olivia, Irene, Avalyn, Joss, Justine, Noelle, Vega, Judah, Shawnee, Arianna, Athena, Natalia