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  • A+ Baby Names

    A is the hottest first initial around these days, with many baby names that start with A rising most quickly up the ranks. Why? It's partly an overall fashion for vowel baby names and partly that we associate the letter A with excellence. And studies prove that children whose names start with A actually do better in school than those whose names begin with D or F.

    The hottest A baby names today:

  • American Baby Names

    American baby names come from a range of sources, just like Americans themselves. There are Native American baby names, American place names for babies, names important in American history and namesakes for American heroes and artists, and baby names invented by Americans and used primarily in the US. Here, a selection of what might be thought of as American baby names.

  • American Names

    American baby names come from a range of sources as diverse as the U.S. itself. There are names that carry a strong American image, such as Liberty or Landry. Native American names such as Tallulah and Dakota certainly are in the mix. Names that relate to American places, such as Sierra and Brooklyn, qualify as American names, as do names created here and rarely used anywhere else, from Beyonce to Blue. Names with an all-American image may also be those inspired by American heroes like Lincoln and Kennedy, even if the names are technically of English, Irish, or some other origin. Names popular in the US often resemble names popular throughout the English-speaking world and so cannot be considered distinctly American: We mean Sophia and Noah, Ava and Liam. But other names that rank high in the US popularity list CAN fit the American bill: Kylie, Aubree, Jaxson. Here are some of the names with the most distinctly American image.

  • American Names for Boys

    What we think of as American names include Native American names , word names, nicknames, and invented names rarely used in other English-speaking countries. It can be difficult to tease out the definition of an American name: Hunter and Cooper, for instance, are technically English names, yet they're very popular boys' name in the US but rarely used as a first name in the UK. And certainly boys' names that became popular thanks to American heroes, such as Landry or Lincoln or Langston, qualify. American names for boys that might be considered truly originating in the US include the following.

  • American Names for Girls

    Many popular American names are in fact rooted in other countries -- England, often, thanks to our common English language, but also French, Spanish, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, and German. <"a href="">Girl names that are originally American tend to be place names, newly-minted names not used in more conservative England, and of course Native American names. In short, not all American names are English names are American names or vice versa. Popular American names for girls include the following.

  • Antique Baby Names Back in Style

    Vintage baby names have been on the rise for several years now, with some antique names climbing popularity lists and reaching the heights of style. If you like vintage or classic baby names that have been in hiding for a few generations, one of these may appeal to you -- but don't be surprised if you meet a lot of other babies with these historic names.

  • Attitude Names for Boys

    Attitude names for boys take the idea of cool baby names one step further: they're a little bit badass, a little bit distinctive, and a lot cool. Cool attitude names include animal names like Bear and Fox, in-your-face word names like Danger and Rebel, and "I dare you to make fun of my name" names like Waldo and Thelonious. The cool, creative baby names for boys here are some that we think have swagger, sass, and attitude.

  • Attitude Names for Girls

    Attitude names are cool baby names that project sass, spunk, and confidence. These cool-kid qualities may appeal for both girl and boy babies and are increasingly desirable for parents. Attitude names for girls may be inspired by amazing heroines, an unusual letter or sound, or simply a badass image. The cool names here are some of the best girls' names with attitude.

  • Attitude Nicknames for Girls

    Attitude names are a new style that a lot of parents are searching for, and nicknames fit right into the confident, bright, badass image. Here are some attitude nicknames for girls to get you started.

  • Australian Names

    In a multicultural nation like Australia, how do you define Australian names? Here we've listed names that stem from Indigenous Australian languages, place names or names that have become indelibly linked with the land Down Under through literature or popular culture. While many names popular in Australia are similar to those names widely-used in other English-speaking lands, the choices here might be thought of as distinctly Australian baby names.