Names That Mean Good or Kind

  • Benvolio

    The name Benvolio is a boy's name of Italian origin meaning "good wisher". In Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, the friend who persuades Romeo to go to the party where he meets Juliet. Alas.Read More 

  • Buena

    The name Buena is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "good, excellent". Affirmative adjective occasionally used as a name. Read More 

  • Calia

    The name Calia is a girl's name meaning "good or beautiful person". A highly unusual Italian word-name that is nevertheless attractive and easy to pronounce and spell.Read More 

  • Caris

    The name Caris is a girl's name meaning "love; grace/kindness". Beautiful meanings no matter which origin you want to go with. But either way, it rhymes with Paris.Read More 

  • Caron

    The name Caron is a unisex name of Welsh origin meaning "loving, kindhearted, charitable,". Though it sounds like Karen, this spelling makes the name more distinctive. Read More 

  • Clemens

    The name Clemens is a boy's name of Danish origin meaning "merciful and gentle". This surname related to CLEMENT is strongly associated with Major League pitcher Roger Clemens, winner of more Cy... Read More 

  • Dalia

    The name Dalia is a girl's name of Hebrew, Swahili origin meaning "branch or gentle". Similar in sound to the flower name Dahlia, this gentle but distinctive name, heard in many cultures, hits... Read More 

  • Damara

    The name Damara is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "gentle girl". This name of an ancient fertility goddess is associated with the month of May and could make a pretty, unusual choice for a... Read More 

  • Douce

    The name Douce is a girl's name of French origin meaning "gentle, sweet". A sweet French word name possibility, but with unsavory teasing potential. Read More 

  • Ebele

    The name Ebele is a girl's name of African origin meaning "mercy, kindness". Igbo name made more familiar by its relationship to the popular Belle and Bella.Read More 

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