Gorgeous Greek Goddess Names

  • Thalia


    Thalia was one of the Three Graces in Greek mythology, and also the Muse of comedy and pastoral poetry, making this a Hellenic choice worthy of consideration.

    In the Rick Riordan... Read More 

  • Thallo


    Thallo, the Greek goddess of spring, buds, and blooms has a decidedly less flowery name than her Roman counterpart, Flora. Thallo is one of the Horae in Greek mythology: goddesses associated with... Read More 

  • Theia


    Theia is the Titan of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky. She is the consort of Hyperion, and mother of Helios, Selene, and Eos. The name is more familiar in its Anglicized... Read More 

  • Themis


    Themis was the Titan -- one of the Elder Gods (or in this case Goddesses) -- of Justice and Order, usually depicted blindfolded and holding the scales of justice. Themis was the mother of the... Read More 

  • Thetis


    This name of the mythological mother of Achilles might suffer from its rhyming association to the word fetus. Read More 

  • Urania


    The name of one of the Greek Muses would be really difficult to bear here on earth. Read More 

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