Unique Middle Names for Boys

  • Crash

    Crash is a particularly calamitous entry in the badass boys' name category, taking Wilder and Maverick one -- or maybe a dozen -- steps further. But we can think of at least a dozen reasons you... Read More 

  • Crosby

    Crosby is an attractively laid-back Irish surname with retro musical associations to Bing and Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and with a jaunty air. Crosby Braverman was the name of a character on the... Read More 

  • Cross

    Evocative word name that's refreshingly straightforward. Overtones of Christianity and penalty. More subtle option: Cruz.Read More 

  • Cyan

    Cyan is a highly unusual blue-green color name, a classmate of Celadon and Cerulean. It does come with the homey nickname Cy.Read More 

  • Dallas

    Relaxed, laid-back cowboy name with broad appeal, although none of the western place-names packs the same style power they did a few years ago. Read More 

  • Democracy

    A big, bold, ultra-rare virtue name. Could it follow in the footsteps of Justice and Liberty?Read More 

  • Doctor

    Doctor is an honorific used as a name, somewhat like names such as Bishop, King, and Princess. Banned in New Zealand, Doctor can lead to the kind of confusion you may feel would be only positive... Read More 

  • Drake

    A simple one-syllable name that has been on the popularity list since the mid-1980s, Drake is most associated today with the single-named rapper (born Aubrey). The name peaked at Number 197 in... Read More 

  • Drummer

    Drummer entered the baby name lexicon thanks to blogger No Big Dill, who chose it for her newborn son, who joins five older sisters. Drummer is right in step with other occupational names in vogue... Read More 

  • Epic

    Epic feels like it could be the boys' version of Saga. Epic poetry tells some of our most celebrated stories - from Beowulf and the Odyssey, to the Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost. Despite being... Read More 

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