Best International Variations of Christina

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Christina, the most common feminine form of Christian or Christopher in the US, was most popular during the 1970s and 80s. Famous bearers of the traditional girls' name Christina include actresses Christina Applegate, Christina Hendricks and Christina Ricci, and musician Christina Aguilera, all of whom were born during the peak of the name's popularity.

Parents looking for a fresh twist on Christina, perhaps to honor a friend or family member, have many intriguing international variations to choose from. Along with the more expected ones, like Christa, Tina, and Kristin, there are a great many unique forms of Christina from around the world, like Kirsty and Cairistiona from Scotland, or Kjerstin and Kirsi from Scandinavia.

Discover more beautiful international variants of Christina in the list below.

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