Unusual International Baby Girl Names

Unusual international girl names are a great place to start if you're looking for a beautiful and unique baby girl name with a solid history. With uncommon baby names getting more and more fashionable, it can be hard to find one that still feels fresh and undiscovered. But there's a whole world of beautiful options out there!

Uncommon international names for girls that are popular here on Nameberry (but not in the US, shhhh!) include Anjali, Cressida, Eira, Saoirse and Ziva. And if you're looking for a truly unique international name for a girl, there are plenty of beautiful rare options in the list below, including Araluen, Demelza, Ismene, Mahalia and Zuleika.

Along with Eira and Zora, other short and funky international girl names outside the US Top 1000 include Bijou, Daru, Ezri and Rio. Or if you prefer long, statement-making names, try Antonina, Cleophee, Endellion or Zipporah.

When considering rare international names for your baby girl, it's always important to bear each name's cultural context in mind. If the name is not from a culture familiar to you, do some reasearch (asking on our friendly international Forums is a great place to start!) to make sure that you understand the background to the name, and any cultural significance it may have.

Browse a selection of the best unusual international girl names below, or check out our full list of Cool International Girl Names for even more ideas!

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