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They like the idea of naming this baby Oak, but does it work with their older kids' names?

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They like unique boy names and are thinking of naming their new son Oak. But much as they love the name, there are some challenges that might push them in a different direction.

Chantel writes:

We are team green for baby #3, due in October. We currently have one of each: Elowyn Magnolia and Arthur Jack Ruger. Our girl name is picked out, but we’re having a harder time choosing for a boy.

Our son’s first two names are honor names. Ruger is a fun little add-on.

Right now, we are thinking Oak Garcia Crockett if it’s a boy. I also like Wulfric, Walton, Hendrix, Indigo, Harrison, Floyd, Ruben, Morrison, and Merritt as middle names. And I’m wavering on Oak. We know we won’t use Oaklee or Oakley.

Mostly I’m wondering: is Oak too similar, as we often call our older son Arthur Jack. And should we use a longer middle name, or just stick with two middles again?

I would love a few more suggestions to think about!

The Name Sage replies:

On paper, Oak Garcia Crockett is great. It mixes a modern nature name with unexpected surname choices.

But when I say it aloud? Oak Garcia gives me pause. The ‘k’ of Oak runs into the ‘g’ of Garcia: Oakarcia.

If you’ll call your son Oak 99% of the time, then it’s probably not an issue. But if you routinely refer to your kids as Elowyn and Arthur Jack, I imagine you’ll find yourself calling your new baby by a longer name, too. And maybe that’s why you’re wavering.

Where does that leave you?

First, you can commit to careful enunciation and repetition, coupled with an awareness that it might not work. Unusual names take time to remember.

Or maybe you can just call your son Oak, no middle. If that’s not an option, I wonder if you’d consider another longer Oak- name. Besides Oakley, there’s Oakes, Oakton, Oaken, and Oakland.

I’m also tempted to suggest you consider Hendrix, Harrison, or Walton as a middle name. Oak Hendrix, maybe?

And, of course, Oak could be the middle name, at least if you like another name enough to consider it.

Let’s make some new combinations:

  • Harrison Oakes
  • Hendrix Garcia Oak
  • Merritt Garcia
  • Merritt Oakes
  • Merritt Walton Oakes
  • Oak Harrison
  • Oak Hendrix
  • Oakland Garcia Wulf
  • Oakes Walton Garcia
  • Oakes Ruben Garcia
  • Oaken Crockett Garcia
  • Wulfric Crockett Garcia

Looking at the list, I think Merritt splits the difference between unexpected Elowyn and traditional Arthur best. Any of the combinations seems like a fit for your family, though I really like Merritt Garcia and Merritt Oakes. (Or maybe …Merritt Garcia Oakes?)

But if keeping Oak as a first name matters most, I do think the solution is to choose a single, longer middle. Oak Hendrix and Oak Harrison would be my picks. They’re slightly more familiar as given names, just like Elowyn’s middle, Magnolia. And both combinations are easy to say in full, should you choose to use them together.

Okay, readers, we could use your help on this. Let’s have a poll – should they keep Oak or find another name? And please suggest your favorites in the comments.

Abby Sandel is the creator of name blog Appellation Mountain and writes Nameberry’s Name Sage column, offering wise advice on baby name questions submitted by Berries every other Wednesday.  Abby lives outside of Washington DC with her husband and two children, Alex and Clio. You can reach her on Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest. For a chance to have your questions answered on Nameberry, contact Abby at

Is Oak Garcia Crockett the right name for this baby?

  1. AStick with Oak Garcia Crockett.
  2. BOak is great, but with a different middle name choice.
  3. CI'd choose something other than Oak.
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tabitha Says:

August 7th, 2019 at 8:30 am

Love your suggestions Abby, and congratulations Chantel and family on baby #3!! Before I had read to the end I also thought that Merritt would be a lovely choice next to Elowyn and Arthur! I love Oak but it is a very different style. Personally I think Merritt Garcia Oak flows beautifully. All the best and go with your gut feeling 💛🌈

niteowl13 Says:

August 7th, 2019 at 10:14 am

What about middles Oak Garcia? Or Oak Something in the middle. Oak and Jack are similar, so I like them in the middle.
Sorry, that doesn’t help with a first name…

oftenoverseas Says:

August 8th, 2019 at 12:34 am

I love Oak with Elowyn and Arthur! With Arthur Jack, I like Oak Indigo or Oak Wulfric, called “Oaken Wulf” as a nickname.

Happyhare90 Says:

August 8th, 2019 at 2:47 am

I personally think your choices sounds very king arthurian / Welsh esc and they both sound familiar to me rather than name unusual so to with with Oak seems quite unnatural, I do however think its usuable as a middle name along with Crockett which I think is a brilliant name. I was thinking either with your original choices you could with Wulfric or Ruben which are great names. Wulfric Garcia Oak , Ruben Crockett Oak.
Some Arthurian choices for you.
Familiar – Lucan Crockett Oak , Percival Crockett Oak
Unusual- Emrys Crockett Oak , Saeth Crockett Oak

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