September Babyberries Are Bright and Cozy

September Babyberries Are Bright and Cozy

Nameberry’s September birth announcements really give us the warm and fuzzies! 

The names chosen by our members in the past month feel bright, cozy and familiar – a perfect fit for the new season of crisp fall leaves, glowing fires and pumpkin spice.

Always ahead of the curve, September’s new parents chose girl names that rank near the top of the Nameberry charts, but still feel stylish and uncommon in real life. Clara, used twice last month, ranks at #16 on Nameberry but outside the Top 100 in the US, while Astrid and Evangeline are Berry favorites that rank below the US Top 250.

Only two baby boys joined the Nameberry family in September, and both were given charmingly traditional names with heartwarming family connections. Welcome, David and Roland!

Read all of the sweet stories behind Nameberry’s September birth announcements below.

Girl Names

Astrid Lauren, sister to Hazel Jane and Margot Brynn

“Astrid is a name that took us quite a while to decide on. We couldn’t decide on anything and previous favorites weren’t feeling right. We decided to look up Norwegian names for my husband's heritage and we both saw Astrid first and it felt right immediately. I love how strong it is, the meaning, and that it is a two syllable name with no nicknames like my other girls.”

Clara Adeline, sister to Arabella Maeve

“I’ve always loved Clara and love the connection to The Nutcracker. Clara’s meaning of bright and clear is also special to us after our journey to have our rainbow girls. Adeline was the name of my great grandmother.”

Clara Elaine, sister to Eve Lillian

“We went into the hospital with a short list of names but nothing set in stone. We came home with Clara Elaine (Elaine is her grandmother’s middle name).”

Evangeline Luna, twin of Roland Craig

“Evangeline was a name I’ve liked for years. The first time I heard it was the movie Princess and the Frog and fell in love. Luna is a ‘combo’ of both my MIL’s middle Louise and my mother’s middle, Lynn. Also many generations of women in my family have had L middle names and I wanted to continue the tradition.”

Boy Names

David Leo

“It was a toss up between David Leo or Jameson. We chose to honour both our late uncles who passed away during my pregnancy. My uncle David, and my husband’s uncle Leo. We like all the nicknames for David. We love the meaning of both names: beloved lion!”

Roland Craig, twin of Evangeline Luna

“Roland has been my husband’s favorite since I met him almost nine years ago. I think he found it on the history channel. Craig is an ode to my grandmother. My husband’s name is Kevin and for years my grandmother couldn’t remember his name and called him Craig. So now she has her real life Craig.”

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in our next Babyberry blog post, tell us the name you chose and the story behind it over on our birth announcements forum. We love hearing from you!

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