Newest Babyberries Ring in the Year

Newest Babyberries Ring in the Year

2023 is here, and so is the newest cohort of Babyberries, born to Nameberry users. This winter has brought us 24 new birth announcements — 12 girls and 12 boys — and 54 unique names.

Beloved Nameberry favorites continue to hold strong on the girls' side, from vintage revivals like Eleanor, Daphne, and Louisa, to sweet and spunky nature names Fern, Lark, and Winter.

Cutesy vintage nickname names like Pippa, Hallie, and Nell reflect another trend both on Nameberry as well as in the "real world".

Nameberry parents continue to love the classics for boys, from timeless George, Louis, and Elliott to still off-the-radar Isadore, Percival, and Clarence. Nature names are just as stylish for boys, with Ocean, Robin, and Everest making appearances.

There were some firsts this winter season as well, with the girl names Goldie, Hava, Kinneret, Louna, and Pia making appearances for the first time in a Nameberry birth announcement.

On the boys' side, Antony, Bradford, Dual, Isadore, Loup, Lowen, Ollie, Percival, and Retro were first-timers in a Nameberry birth announcement as well.

Girl Names

Amélie Pia Victoria, sister of Valentina, Thiago, and Leandro

Cecily Winter

Daphne James, sister of Clementine Mariana

"Daphne was a name that I have liked since I was in high school and it was the name I wanted for our first daughter. We chose James as an honor name for my father who passed away from pancreatic cancer last year. It was his middle name and it is also my brother’s middle name."

Fern Penelope

"I must have posted here ten times, and you all were SO helpful. We do sometimes call her Effie as a nickname, which someone here had suggested. We get the nicest compliments on her name."

Hallie Katherine, sister of Avery, Norah, and Margot

"I posted back in the fall asking for name ideas, and Hallie was the one that just stuck with me. It flows well with her sisters' names, and we’ve been calling her our “Hallie Kat” as a nickname. I was considering Sadie or Josie for a while but just always came back to Hallie. Katherine is a family name so that’s why we chose it as the middle!"

Louisa Mae

"I’m a long-time lurker on Nameberry, and have been obsessed with names for as long as I can remember. (Louisa Mae) is pretty much exactly what we wanted. A classic, older fashioned name that still felt underused and a little unique, at least in our area."

Louna Hava

Margaret Lynn "Maggie"

"The name Margaret we just liked, and later found out my husband has ancestry with that name. Lynn is to honor my grandma, “Marilyn,” who is now a great-grandma! The meaning of the name together is 'Pearl Lake.'"

Eleanor Lark "Nell", sister of Juniper Grace "Juno"

"Eleanor is a family name – but it was Nell that first won our hearts. We love that Nell is both spunky and sweet, with oodles of historical and literary street cred and various routes to the meaning “light.” We chose Lark for her middle name because she’s our early bird, born at just 28 and a half weeks."

Nella Oakley

Philippa Violet Marie "Pippa", sister of Cecily Frances March and Jasper John Elliot

"Philippa was my husband’s idea. Violet is a roundabout way of honoring my father who passed away two years ago. Violets were funeral flowers in Ancient Greece and Rome and I was also inspired by a quote from Hamlet (my dad loved Shakespeare) where Ophelia says: “I would give you violets but they withered all when my father died. They say he made a good end.”

Vienna Goldie Kinneret, sister of Hjörtur Emmanuel, Barnabas Húni, Leonid Pythagoras, and Endymion Zakynthos

"My father’s favorite song was Vienna by Ultravox. One of my fondest memories with my father is going to an Ultravox concert when they came back together. The name (Goldie) reminds (my husband) of his grandmother, who used to call him “my golden one”, and of his great-grandmother, whose name was Golda. (Kinneret) honors my husband’s Jewish heritage, has a religious meaning (the Sea of Galilee is significant in the Bible) and has a musical connection, meaning “harp”.

Boy Names

Bradford Russell

"After so many months trying to find the perfect name for him, we decided to go along with our first option. Some people liked it, others asked me where did the name come from in a weird way but what can I do? I love his name."

Caspar Dual George, brother of Connor, Emmett, Ernest, and Wilhelmina "Willa"

"My husband really wanted a C name to match big brother Connor. Eventually, he gave in to Caspar which is big in my family tree back in the old country mostly spelled Kaspar. The nickname Cas really got him. Dual was my husband’s grandpa’s name. We haven’t gotten too many “friendly ghost” comments yet but my husband does want to dress him up as one for Halloween as long as he will let us."

Edmund Leon "Teddy", brother of Ivy Coraline, Martin Jake, Oscar Truman, and June Lyra

"When we told our kids about the pregnancy, they were immediately insistent that his name should be Teddy. We had a hard time choosing between Edmund and Edwin, and I gave (my husband) final say. Leon is a name I’ve grown to adore since it first entered my list during my pregnancy with my oldest son, with the added bonus that we thought he’d end up being a Leo."

Elliott Everest Loup Zéphyr, brother of Liv Marlowe

"In 2014, while I was texting my now husband and father of my children, I told that young man that I absolutely loved the name Elliott and that I would, for sure, use it if I had a son one day. Everest is perfect for our winter baby! Loup (wolf in French, pronounced like Lou) is a family name. Zephyr was one of my husband’s favorite names. It’s a warm and gentle breeze that announces springtime (our daughter was born in spring) and indicates an end to winter."

Emrys Lowen

"There was a lot to consider while naming him, including my heritage and birth mother’s heritage. The one ancestral tie we share is Welsh, and so that is where I first looked for names. Emrys stuck with me the moment I saw it, as I am also a nerd and was familiar with it already for its connection to Merlin. Lowen was another first name pick for its Cornish roots, meaning, and sound.

Emrys Ocean

"I joined Nameberry 13 years ago with the username "emrys" and now I finally got to use the name! We didn’t settle on his middle name until after he was born, but we’re really happy we went with Ocean. We’re already planning our first trip to the ocean with him in a few months."

George Clarence, brother of Henry Walter

"Clarence and Walter were both the names of my beloved Grandma’s brothers (now brothers again!) and we just liked George and Henry.  Clarence (bright) also subtly honors my late father Robert (bright fame). I was sold on the combination when several people said it gave them “It’s a Wonderful Life” vibes."

Isadore Allan, brother of Adeline Estelle

"Isadore was my great grandfather’s name. We already find ourselves nicknaming him 'Is' or 'Izzy'. Allan was chosen as his middle name since both of his grandfathers have this middle name (Alan and Allen). Allan honors both of them simultaneously."

Louis Antony Flynn, brother of Violet, Hugo, and Darcy

"Louis (pronounced Lou-ee) was our runner-up name for both Hugo and Darcy. Antony is in honour of my husband’s grandmother, Antonia, who sadly passed away just before Christmas, and my late grandfather, Anton. Flynn was our second choice for his first name and means “son of the red-haired one”, which my husband likes because his father is a redhead. I also like that it’s a similar meaning to my other grandfather’s name, Roy."

Percival Wilder "Percy"

"10 days after his due date I finally feel ready to present him to the world, and couldn’t help myself from announcing it on here after spending years in this community brainstorming his name."

Retro Ollie

Robin Douglas

"He is perfectly healthy and is bringing joy each day to our household."

Our warmest congratulations to all of the proud new parents!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in our next Babyberry blog post, tell us the name you chose and the story behind it over on our birth announcements forum.

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