New Names on Nameberry in 2023: Part 2!

New Names on Nameberry in 2023: Part 2!

As we wrap up 2023, it's time to highlight some of the gorgeous new names added to our forever-expanding Nameberry database.

Our team is constantly adding new names we discover — many of them suggested by you over on the forums in the What Names Have We Missed thread! These names come from every corner of the earth, featuring a wide range of origin languages and cultures.

Other new entries come from our own name sightings, recent celebrity baby births — Mavie, Thirteen, and Rose (m) are a few noteworthy choices — and pop-culture references.

To keep up to date with the newest names as we add them, check out our brand new feature of The Newest Names on Nameberry!

New Nameberry Girl Names


"Latinized form of the Anglo-Saxon Eoforhild, meaning “boar battle”. It was the name of a 7th-century English saint. See also Everilda (Latinate form) and Everilde (French form)."

The intriguing Everild makes for an interesting blend of medieval with the on-trend "Ever" sound.

Thanks to @VEL for suggesting Everild.


 "A famous bearer is the daughter (Abigail "Nabby" Adams) of the second American President John Adams, who was also a Founding Father. In another way it was used, it's a nickname of the name Gobnait, the Old Irish version of the Hebrew name Deborah, so it means "honey bee". And last thing, it's the name of a modern Californian peach variety."

This rare vintage nickname makes for a unique spin on the popular Abby and Gabby.

Thanks to @12sunshine for suggesting Nabby.


"Middle name of Alice Liddell (the child the Alice books by Lewis Carroll were written for). I absolutely love this virtue name!"

A puritan-esque virtue name — although never given to 5 or more babies in the US — with the sweetest literary namesake. I have to assume that little Alice Pleasance's parents would have been Berries today!

Thanks to @snowmaiden for suggesting Pleasance.


"Theonoe is a Greek name used on various mythological figures meaning “divine wisdom”. The most famous one is Theonoe of Egypt, a princess from Eurypides’ play Helen. Theo- names are very well-loved on NB so the more there are on the database the better!"

Theonoe comes with a plethora of adorable nickname options, from the boyish Theo and Teddy, vintage Thea, and international Noa.

Thanks to @tallemaja for suggesting Theonoe.


"I named my daughter Trillium after the lovely 3 petaled wildflower 2 years ago. It’s a beautiful botanical name that can be used by anyone!"

One of the most easily recognizable flowers, the wildflower Trillium's name comes from the three symmetrical petals, three sepals, and three leaves of the plant.

Thanks to @LibbyLou72 for suggesting Trillium.

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New Nameberry Boy Names


"It’s typically a shortened version of names that start with “Ed”, such as Edward, Eduard, or Edoardo. However, in Dutch and German, “Edo” can also be a variation of “Ede”, and in Italian, it can be a shortened form of Manfredo or Alfredo.

Some notable bearers are Frisian chieftains Edo Wiemken the elder and Edo Wiemken the younger, Italian politician Edoardo “Edo” Ronchi, Croatian painter Edo Murtić, Dutch conductor Edo de Waart, Bosnian rapper Edo Maajka, Croatian writer Edo Popović and American jazz bassist Edo Castro."

A truly multicultural diminutive name, Edo has that cool o-ending and would make a perfect honor for an Edward (or any of the other aforementioned long forms).

Thanks to @Calira for suggesting Edo.


"It’s Irish Gaelic (from Garron) and means ‘welding.’ It’s also got history as a Slavic, French, and Armenian name, but in my personal family tree, it is Irish Gaelic. Source: my family is all from Ireland and this has been in our history for generations!!"

14 baby boys were named the handsome Gaelic name Garen in 2022, feeling like a fresh spin on the 90s favorite Garrett.

Thanks to @snowmaiden for suggesting Garen.


"This was actually featured in a Nameberry article last year, French Flower Names Are Chic and Fresh, saying “Composed of two Latin words, flos and mons, that can be translated as “flowery mount.” In the early 20th century, an average of 40 little boys named Florimond were born each year, but this pretty name has since fallen into disuse."'

Feminine boy names are in, and Florimond is a stunning choice. As for an everyday nickname, Monty would be just perfect.

Thanks to @tallemaja for suggesting Florimond.


"It is used to refer to autumn foliage in general but often more specifically to autumn in Lapland where the colours are especially vibrant and magical. It’s pronounced ROOS-kuh in Finnish."

" I think it has potential to fit in with names like October, Leif, Salem, etc."

This evocative nature name is unisex in native Finland, with 36 men and 198 women bearing the name Ruska.

Thanks to @readingreverie and @luminem for suggesting Ruska.

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