Nameberry Heresies: Some nameberry faves are not loved by all

July 27, 2009 Linda Rosenkrantz

Yesterday, as I was writing about the favorite names on nameberry, it seemed as if all was in perfect harmony and solidarity, complete sweetness and sunshine on the site, and that was as tranquil a place as Mayberry R.F.D.

Not totally true.

Turns out that some visitors are as passionately opposed to some of the popular names on the site as others are passionately in favor of them.  And so a kind of rebel thread was set up called Secret Name Heresies, where people could voice–make that vent–their negative feelings.  And vent is what they/you have been doing, often in EMPHATIC CAPITAL letters.  Not surprisingly, since our opinions are formed from our individual experiences, there were some who disliked a particular name because of, say, an unshakable association with an obnoxious high school classmate, or with a Disney character they will forever attach to its name.  Or in some cases a simple dislike of its image or sound.

Here, from the varied responses, are a few choice, disgruntled, examples–some of which we found hilarious:


ARABELLA   —  Sounds like some made-up Disney princess who lives in Arabia.

ASTRID  —  I liked this before The Office.

BRONWYN  —  I knew a very odd Bronwyn in high school.  I only ever think of her.

CECILIA  —  I have a slight lisp–Ce-ce-lia sounds AWFUL when I say it.

CHARLOTTE  —  Whenever I see Charlotte, I just see cHARLOTte,

DAISY —  I love this name but for a pet.

DELILAH  — I’m not a Delilah fan.  If I’m not reminded of the Biblical story, I’m reminded of that annoying radio host, Delilah.

EVELYN  —  It’s still 100% nursing home to me.

FREYA  —  I HATE Freya!  I only think of frayed fabric.

GUINEVERE  —  Waaay too regal.

JUNE  —  I’m not a fan of June, but love Jane.

OLIVE  —  Olive?  As in black olives, green olives and extra virgin olive oil?  No thank you.
— I just don’t understand why you would name your daughter after a small green appetizer.

OPHELIA  —  I’m not an Ophelia fan, not only because of the “I’ll feel ya” teasing but because I have a habit of putting the prefixes of “hem” and “ped” before it.

POPPY —  I’m all for nature names but this is way too close to “puppy,” not to mention the association with opiates.
— The words “seed muffin” follow this in my head.
— This is what we call my Dad instead of Grandpa, so no.

SADIE  —  Reminds me of S & M.

VIOLA  —  Means rape in Spanish.

WILLOW  —  This would be a massive problem if she was chubby.
— I HATE Willow! It’s a 100% Palin to me, and just…ick.


DUNCAN  —  Donuts.
— Sounds like it should be the name of a thick, chubby boy.

ELIJAH  —  The only Elijah I have ever known was a girl, so it sounds really girly to me

EZRA  —  It looks like a typo.

FELIX  —  This is a cat’s name only.

GUS  —  Just ugly and not right for a little boy–reminds me of Augustus Gloop.
— The big, fat mouse from Cinderella to me–GusGus

JASPER  —  Seems like a girl’s name to me.
— 101 Dalmatians, anyone?

KILLIAN  —  Not a fan of Killian or any other name beginning with a synonym of murder

OSCAR  —Oscar is still 100% grouch to me.

OTIS  —  Too hickish for someone who lives in rural Nebraska and gets labeled a hick for that alone.

SEBASTIAN  —  Crab from Disney movie.

THEO  —  I hate Theo!  I love Theodore but won’t use it because I hate Theo!


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