March Babyberries Bring Good News!

March Babyberries Bring Good News!

Ready for some good news for a change? You’re in luck!

Our March birth announcements are in, and the past month has seen something of a baby boom among our members. Seven baby girls and twelve baby boys joined the Nameberry family in March, including beautifully named twins Orion Kennedy and Sage Apollo. A warm welcome to all!

And we’d like to extend our special congratulations to those Berries who finally welcomed their long-awaited miracles last month. The smiley little guy in the rainbow blanket is for you (and for anyone else who needs the promise of a rainbow right now!)

Stylish vintage baby names abounded in March: from fashionable favorites like Henry and Hazel, to often overlooked gems like Rufus and Gloria.

And, following on from our recent post on National Joe Day, we’re thrilled to see Joe/Jo names getting so much love. Welcome, Joseph, Josephine and Maple Josetta!

Here are all the births announced on our Forums in March.

Girl Names

Clara Evelyn

“Last year before my grandmother died she told me that her favorite aunt was named Clara, and if she’d had a daughter she would have named her after her… so when my daughter came I should call her Clara. Her middle name, Evelyn, means ‘wished for child,’ which is a perfect name for a little girl we spent almost three years trying to conceive.”

Gloria Deborah, sister to Magnolia Irene and Lazarus Daniel

“6-year-old Magno originally suggested Gloria because of our fav picture books about Frances the badger (Bedtime for Frances, A Baby sister for Frances, etc) by Russell Hoban. Nickname possibilities range from Glory, Gia, Glory bee, Glo, Gloworm (born on full worm moon), Glowly worm… the only one I’ve nixed so far is Gigi, which to me sounds like a poodle or grandma.”

Heidi Cecelia, sister to Walter Anthony, Stanley Douglas and Edgar Timothy

“We went into it thinking that we were going to name her either Vera or Susan Cecelia but when she came out she just didn’t look like either of those, so we went back to our list and Heidi was our favorite.”

Josephine Hazel Rose, sister to Mollie Evelyn May and Penelope Isla Jean

“Josephine means ‘God increases’ which is special to us given we thought our family was complete when God opened our hearts to just one more.”

Maple Josetta, sister to Betty Nightingale

“Maple is for the Japanese Maple trees we enjoyed while my husband and I lived in Japan and the little-known Zelda character that my husband finds amusing… Maple is being called Mae by Betty who can’t quite say Maple. We didn’t anticipate the nickname, but it is fitting since Betty is named for their great-grandmother and Mae was their great-great grandmother’s name.”

Olivia, sister to Molly and Sophia

Ruby Leona Delphine, sister to Calla Everly Louise

“Her name, Ruby, was picked primarily because it’s my husband’s birthstone, but it’s also a nod towards my granddad, Reuben, who is unfortunately no longer with us… Big sister has taken to calling her Ruby Dolphin since we decided on her second middle name and it’s utterly precious!”

Boy Names

Beckett Jackson, brother to Eliza Ruby

“So far we’ve been calling him Kit but Eliza has been calling him Kitten and Becky.”

Brecken Patrick, brother to Seamus Rory

“Thanks again all who helped us name little Breck!”

Duncan Edgar, brother to Drummer Brian

“Thanks to everyone who helped out on our post a while ago.”

Elim Nathaniel James

“The name Elim is deeply personal to us, our journey to parenthood, and just our growth in terms of roots alone. We knew it was a bit out there but you guys gave us to courage to use what we loved (and others have loved or have grown to love his name, too!)”

Henry Matthew, brother to Frederick Lincoln, Norah Josephine, Clara Jane and Oscar Alexander

“His brothers and sisters are excited and we all couldn’t be happier that’s he’s here and healthy!”

Joseph Henry Thomas, brother to Christopher John Francis

“We still weren’t sure about his name until he was born — he was almost a George — but we ultimately decided on Joseph.”

Lachlan Luther, brother to Duncan Bruce, Talon Christopher and Soren Michael

“We’re all so happy to finally meet him!”

Milo Felix, brother to Rosie Colleen, Maeve Maggie, Winston Zachary and Toby Caspar

“We originally chose Milo because we just liked it, but we found out that it means ‘soldier’, a nod to grandpa Felix who served in the military. Middle name is also after his grandpa Felix.”

Orion Kennedy, twin of Sage Apollo

“They’re a bit earlier than expected (due mid-May) and still in the NICU right now. They’ll be staying for a bit, but they’re doing great for how early they were!”

Ruadhan Paul, brother to Laoise, Cadhla, Clodagh, Aodhla and Odhran

“All of our children have Irish names and Ruadhan fits well with the others. Paul is in memory of my dad who passed away last year.”

Rufus Damian

“We’ve had Rufus picked out for a long time but some family didn’t like it. We didn’t know what to do about that, so we came on here to ask about it. Everyone who answered us encouraged us to keep it, and we’re so glad that we did.”

Sage Apollo, twin of Orion Kennedy

Our warmest congratulations to all of the proud new parents!

It’s never too late to submit your own Babyberry birth announcement — you can do so via our Forums or by emailing We love hearing the wonderful names you’ve chosen, and especially the stories behind them.

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