July Baby Names: Latest Berrybaby choices

August 1, 2019 Linda Rosenkrantz

by Linda Rosenkrantz

The July baby names in the latest Berrybaby birth announcement report may be short, but they’re long on particularly gorgeous sibsets.  Just consider Caroline, Winnie and Wyatt; Theodora, Beatrix and Elowyn; and Griffin, Willow and Juniper! And some nice classics too.

Here’s the full list and the stories behind them.

July baby names chosen for girls

Anne Cordelia

Caroline Zelda, sister of Winnie and Wyatt

Caroline is a name I’ve loved since I was little, and is also an honor name for my dad, Charles, and my husband’s grandma, Caro, who is 98 and still going strong. Zelda is a name we loved because of its strong, vibrant sound and awesome meanings, “warrior” or “happy, blessed,” both of which are fitting titles for our little girl.”

Eva Charlotte, sister of Audrey Kay

Theodora Eulalie Primrose, sister of Beatrix and Elowyn+

“Everyone here was so helpful during the naming process while I was pregnant that I wanted to come back and update. We were looking for a name for baby #6, a sister for Beatrix and Elowyn.  We were set to call her Eulalie Aurelia Lux.  However, once she was here, she kind of named herself.  She just was a Theodora. We landed on Theodora Eulalie Primrose, and it’s perfect for her even though we hadn’t really considered it before.”

July baby names chosen for boys

 Griffin Paul, brother of Willow Marylee and Juniper Anne

Jesse Montgomery Alban, brother of Felicity May

“We picked out the name Jesse Montgomery 3 years ago before we had any children. Jesse after his Daddy’s middle name and his great great grandfather. Montgomery after Fort Montgomery, New York, where our ancestors lived.  We added the name Alban kind of last minute which is another special name to us.”

Mathew Marian

Mathew is a nod to my wonderful father Mateo (except in French! My mother is from Quebec and my siblings and I identify strongly with that culture!). His middle, Marian, is pretty basic, just the masculine variant of my own middle name, Marianne.”

Niko Vander, sister of Éva NataliaDimitri David & Mila Cosette.

“We wanted a cool, edgy, stylish name with an international vibe.  Niko is the perfect name for him!”

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