Invent a Name Contest, 2016 Edition!

Invent a Name Contest, 2016 Edition!

Way back in February 2015, we challenged readers to invent new names.

After all, everyone is doing it. In 2015, babies born in the US were named Summerlyn and Symphanie, Caylor and Zaylor, Baxton and Bellany.

But berries have a knack for better namecraft.

Dozens of amazing possibilities were submitted during our last round. We narrowed the finalists to a single blog post of amazing, never before heard names and crowned the victors!

It’s time for another edition of the Invent a Name contest. The rules remain the same. You can:

–Combine two (or more) existing names.

–Turn a word into a name.

–Or, just start with a blank sheet of paper and dazzle us!

–Extra credit for creative (or amusing) meanings and descriptions.

After we go through all the entries, we will then crown the inventor of the best name. What do we mean by best? Check out the list from 2015’s contest for dozens of new and novel names that are attractive, wearable, and truly inspired.

The question has arisen: Can you enter the contest more than once? Why not!? Enter as many times as you wish, but try not to duplicate as only the first winning  name will count.

Ready, set, name!

*Entries end at midnight EST August 25. Winner(s) and runners up will be announced in next week’s blog post.*