Girls’ Names: What’s your style? Different for boys and girls?

Today’s Question of the Week is a two-parter: 

Last week we talked about naming styles for boys, now it’s the girls’ turn.

  1. With girls’ names, there are even more style preference category possibilities.  How would you characterize the names you like best?  Girly girl, gender neutral, boyish?  Classic, biblical?  Vintage Old Lady?  Trendy, nouveau?  Family or surname names British-inflected, international?  Creative?  Quirky? Eclectic? Exotic? Good girls or bad girls?   (These are just a few suggestions–we’d love to have your own designations of your style.) 

2.         Now that you’ve looked at your taste in names for both genders, do you see more similarities or disparities?  For instance,  do you find that you judge boys’ and girls’ names by different criteria?  Is a family connection more important for a son?  Can girls’ names be more fashionable than boys’?  Is a nickname name more okay for a girl?

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