Complete List of Contest Winners

May 12, 2009 Linda Rosenkrantz


In addition to Catherine and Diane, the First Prize winners announced yesterday, the prize-winning runners-up are:

FIRST RUNNER UP: Patricia from Iowa, mother of nine, seven of them adopted from Viet Nam and Korea, and the grandmother of 16.


Addie from Alameda, California

Laura from Minnesota

Alicia from New York City

olivegreen from Georgia, Mom to Luca Charles and an ardent name fan since the age of ten

and Kim–her location to come.

Again, kudos to the winners and thanks to everyone else who participated!


We have another runner-up in the contest. She is:

Betsy from New Jersey, Mom to daughters Quincy Elizabeth, Romilly Jane (“Romy”) and son Fox Winchester.

Belated congratulations, Betsy!!


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