Celebrity Baby Names: What if YOU were a star?

Celebrity Baby Names: What if YOU were a star?

Let’s face it, we all can’t wait to hear the next big celebrity baby names and we all judge them when they’re announced.  Are they too outrageous?  Too popular?  Too bland?

But let’s say the tables were turned and you knew that your baby–and her name–were going to be splashed across the cover of People magazine for all the world to see–and weigh in on.  Would you choose a different name from the one you’d pick as a private person?

Would your celebrity self look for a name that would bring your baby–and you–lots of attention?  (Hello, Huckleberry.)

Or would you try to be the first to seek and discover some vintage treasure? (such as Agnes, Aurelius)

Or try to fly under the radar with a more ordinary name? (as in Robert Ford Wilson)

So that’s the Question of the Day: If you were a star, what would you name your baby?

What would your celebrity daughter be called and what would be the name of your starbaby son? And as a bonus–how about a pair of twins?

And we must tell you, we are so excited about the incredible international coverage we’ve gotten on our story on the hottest new choices of 2012– particularly the great features in HuffingtonPost and TodaysMoms.  Here’s a cute video we just had to share.



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