Emerging Biblical Boy Names

Emerging Biblical Boy Names

This week’s news includes rare biblical boys’ names becoming more visible, a case of TV name theft, and a baby girl named after a restaurant.

Celebrity babies: Moses, Paris, and last-minute predictions

It’s a boy for Tamron Hall, formerly of the Today show. She’s named him Moses, one of those biblical boy names that really hits the sweet spot. It’s been rising more stealthily than high-flying patriarchs like Noah and Jonah, so while it’s familiar to everyone, at Number 475 it’s not overused.

In the country music world, singer Jake Owen and his partner Erica Hartlein have welcomed a girl, Paris Hartley. Her middle name, as well as being a stylish surname that’s on the rise for girls, is a neat way to reference mom’s name. Jake’s older daughter Olive Pearl goes by her middle name – I wonder whether the new arrival will follow suit.

There’s still time to guess the baby names of two much-anticipated babies in pop royalty and actual royalty. Whatever Kim and Kanye choose, it’s bound to surprise us… unless it’s Four, Winner, Epic, Stellar or Brave. Those are our celebrity name guru Sophie’s top predictions: here she weighs in on the latest possibilities.

Meanwhile, Allegra is a new runner for Harry and Meghan’s baby name. It was reportedly a favorite of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. But would you use a name just because your mother or your mother-in-law liked it?

Girl name stories: Audrey and Journee

This week we’ve seen a couple of girls named for interesting reasons. Baby Journee was going to be called Makenzie, until she was born on the way to the hospital, in a fire station. Her mother chose the name in honor of the most memorable journey of their lives.

In Philadelphia, one couple liked the local restaurant Audrey Claire so much that they used the name for their daughter. Audrey Claire is not only the name of the eatery’s founder, but it also fits very nicely with what’s in style today. Baby Audrey’s parents clearly love a name with meaning: they also have a daughter called Piper, after a plane (dad is a pilot). Audrey isn’t the only baby to be named after a restaurant recently: you may remember Olivia Garton, whose parents loved the Italian food at the chain Olive Garden.

Rare Biblical boy name: Ozias

While the city of Los Angeles plans to rename an intersection after the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, his business partner and tour manager has already honored him in his son’s name: Luis Ermias. Ermias was Nipsey’s birth name, and a bit of a mystery. It’s possibly from the Greek name Ermetikos, and possibly linked to a Saint Hermeias. I can also see it being linked to Jeremiah, or possibly even Hermia. Anyone know any more? Can you see a little peak in the name this year?

Less mysterious, but equally cool, is a boy called Ozias, nicknamed Ozzy. His parents wrote in to Duana’s column asking for advice on a little brother’s name. I do hope they go with their top choice or Isabeau – what a sibset that would be!

Art imitates life: name theft on-screen

You can tell that “name theft” is a real issue when the sitcom Life in Pieces makes a scene out of two brothers finding out they’ve both chosen the same name for their babies. And when that makes an entertainment article. The brothers race to be the one to tell their parents first, and the wife in the “losing” couple orders her husband to “go get the name back”. Just like in real life, feelings really can run high when you think someone has pinched the name you’ve carefully selected. Especially when that’s mixed with a dose of sibling rivalry.

I don’t know the show, but apparently one couple already has a daughter called Lark…which perhaps makes Alex a surprising choice for a sibling name.

Guess who’s not concerned about matching sibling names? The Vancouver Police Department. They rescued two goslings from heavy traffic and named them both Ryan, “because two Ryan Goslings are better than one.”

Life imitates art: Game of Thrones names

You shouldn’t believe all the hyped headlines about parents giving their children Game of Thrones names. Yes, some names from the show have risen in the last 10 years, and even gone from zero to Top 1000 (oh hi Khaleesi), but it’s not as if they’re threatening to replace anything at the top of the charts…except for Arya.

Arya is the biggest baby name success story of the show. It came along on a strong, spunky young character, at a time when the spelling Aria was just starting to rise too. Arya was 135 in the US in 2017, and if it doesn’t make the Top 100 in the 2018 charts (due next week!), 2019 could be the year. After a particularly epic performance in the show’s latest episode, lots of people have vowed to name their firstborn Arya. In some cases, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

So maybe, as our Name Sage Abby says in this week’s newsletter, it’s likely we really can expect to see more fantasy and sci-fi names making a mark in future.

Bring back Bellina!

Recently on Nameberry, we’ve looked at the best cool uncommon dog names, both male and female. But if even those names aren’t rare enough for you, how about these dog names from history? (The medieval ones come from this article, which includes lots more great ones.) I’d love to meet a pupper called Bellina, Mopsie, Magastomo or Nosewise. Or if you’re trying to name a human baby rather than a fur one, you might find inspiration in this super list of medieval names for modern babies.

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