Baby Names from Books: Career ideas for kids

Baby Names from Books: Career ideas for kids

By Audrey Poindexter, Brit + Co

We all want our little ones to grow up and do big things. There isn’t a recipe or a handbook for how to raise them, but research points to reading and talking to children as the one of the most important things you can do to develop a successful kiddo. Whether you’re looking to stock your tiny tot’s library with essential kids’ books or you’re on the hunt for the perfect creative baby shower gift, these books might just inspire reallyreally early career goals.

Interior Designer: Give If You Lived Here: Houses of The World ($13) a read if you want to inspire your little one to be the next Martha Stewart. This book takes you on a tour of homes around the world. You and your babe can check out how and where people of all cultures live.

President of the United StatesThis Little President: A Presidential Primer ($6), is filled with colorful, fun pages that introduce you to ten of the most memorable presidents. It’s sure to inspire your little patriot to be the next leader of the US.

Architect: Your baby will want to grow up and be just like Iggy Peck Architect ($9). He’s insanely creative and focused on designing the greatest buildings you have ever seen. Even when faced with haters, Iggy Peck never stops building. Go, Iggy Peck!

Engineer: Inspiring your little girl to be a inventor or engineer will be no problem with this page turner. Rosie Revere, Engineer ($9) is quiet by day and inventor by night. She spends all her free time creating a special contraption for her aunt, Rose the Riveter. The story will teach your girl to never give up.

Chef: Want to get your baby whipping up delicious dishes in the kitchen? Check out Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs ($14). This book is filled with creativity and fun as the town of Chewandswallow is served breakfast, lunch and dinner from the sky. Maybe there will be a light sprinkle of orange juice? Or a storm of hamburgers may blow through town? You never know what’s going to rain down on the town, but it’s sure to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

Coder: You can totally geek out with your baby with the newest book from the Code Babies Team. ABCs of the Web: Alphabet Primer for Young Developers in Training ($10) walks your baby through colorful pages of the must-know vocabulary for web designers, all while learning their ABCs!

Fashionista: This touch-and-feel book is sure to encourage your little one to dress in style. They won’t leave home without the perfect accessories and coordinated prints after you peruse My Favorite Shoes: A Touch-and-Feel Shoe-Stravaganza ($10).

CEOThe Boss Baby ($6) is a funny tale about a baby who means business! This little guy demands perfection and hard work to keep him happy. Full of witty puns and humor, this book will make you laugh like crazy when you realize your baby is already the CEO of your family. Give her a few years, and there is no reason why she can’t take that demanding personality down to Wall Street and make millions.

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