Best Baby Names 2020

May 18, 2020 Emma Waterhouse
100 best baby names 2020

What are the best baby names for 2020? The 100 choices that deserve a place on every parent’s list?

The real answer is, of course, that the definition of the best baby names is all subjective. But, in the absence of the 2019 name data to pore over (yep, still not over it!), now seems like the perfect time to revive an old Nameberry tradition.

Our list of the 100 best baby names for 2020 is drawn from a wide range of sources. We’ve looked at the hottest names and trends in the US, as well as our own list of Top Baby Names 2020. We’ve scoured the latest celebrity birth announcements for cool choices in the spotlight right now. And we’ve checked out the popularity charts for other countries, too.

Our picks for the 100 best names range from the Top 250 Ayla and Enzo to the barely used Xanthe and Miro. Although they do tend toward the unique end of the baby naming spectrum, in recognition of parents’ increasing desire for individuality.

And here’s the twist: we’ve left the last spot unfilled. We’re asking YOU to help us round out the list. Drop your suggestions below!

100 Best Baby Names for 2020

Abiah — Gentle Biblical choice new to the Nameberry Top 100.

Afton — A sleeker successor to Paisley.

AlistairAlexander with added Scots flair.

Ambrose — Sweet and sophisticated saint’s name.

Anais — Chic French choice with literary cachet.

Aurelia — As dazzling as Aurora, but lesser used.

AylaLight and lovely cross-cultural pick.

Banks — Preppy surname with a bonus nature connection.

Barnaby — Clunky but seriously cute Dickensian choice.

Beatrix — Vibrant vintage name with a sting in the tail.

Boaz — One of the best cool Biblical boy names right now.

BonnieBright, breezy, and hot with the Scots.

Boone — Who knew cowboy chic would ever be a thing?

Caius, Caio — Upbeat route to cool nickname Cai.

Calix — Intriguing nature name for fans of Felix.

Caspian — This charming geographical and literary choice is climbing fast.

ChesterJazzy grandpa name which sounds newly cute and cool.

Cillian — Irish import gaining attention thanks to actor Cillian Murphy.

Cleo, Clio — However you spell it, one of the coolest classical girl names around.

Cormac — Offbeat alternative to Connor or Mack.

CosetteColette’s cuter and quirkier sister.

Daphne — A timeless traditional that has never been overexposed.

Darwin — Stylish surname meets science hero name, with a great meaning to boot!

Dexter — The ultimate high-energy geek chic choice.

Django — O-endings might be mainstream now, but Django still makes a statement.

Eames — Handsome and sturdy surname option for lovers of James.

Edie — Friendly British favorite starting to be heard more in the US too.

Elio — This bright and sunny choice is particularly popular with the Berries.

Elowen — Could it follow Jennifer as Cornwall’s next international export?

Emrys — Welsh mythological name which feels more romantic than Rhys.

Enzo — All the energy of Ezra, but less of the popularity.

EttaJazzy short form with plenty of spark and strength to stand alone.

Evander — Boasts a strong sound and meaning to match its most famous bearer.

Fitz — Retro nickname which feels newly fresh and funky.

Fletcher — Offbeat successor to occupational favorites like Hunter and Carter.

Florence — Top 20 in the UK, but only just makes the Top 1000 in the US.

Frida — Feisty old-fashioned name with artistic cachet.

GaiaMaia and Kaia’s neglected mythological sister.

Gemma — A fresher spin on #1 name Emma.

Gene — Fronting the next wave of old-school nicknames (but careful what you use in the middle!)

Halston — Equally smart and stylish for either sex.

Harriet — A tailored traditional route to hot nickname Hattie.

Hawthorn, Hawthorne — Nature name or literary tribute? Take your pick.

Honor — Streamlined virtue name with a shot of vintage glamour.

Hugo — Shares Leo’s strong, simple, international appeal, but not its popularity.

Huxley — This on-trend literary surname is heating up!

Idris — Actor Idris Elba put this cross-cultural choice on the baby naming map.

Imogen — Intriguing British favorite which is Top 50 on Nameberry.

Indy, Indie — One of the coolest nicknames of the moment for both sexes.

Ira — A short and simple Old Testament option to rival Noah.

Isidore — Intriguing alternative to Theodore.

Jericho — This Biblical place name gives Jerry a 21st century update.

JoniJoanie is still on the clunky side of cool, but soulful Joni is just cool!

Jubilee — Joyful addition to the lively -lee group of girl names.

Laurie — Soft and sensitive short form with a long literary pedigree.

Lavender — Fresher and more fragrant than Violet.

Leander — Top 100 in Norway, an undiscovered gem in the US.

LumiLight and lovely Finnish nature name.

LyraLuna’s lesser-used literary and celestial sister.

Mabel — Sweet, sassy vintage pick which has already staged a comeback across the pond.

Mae — Mostly heard as a middle name or nickname, but ready to stand alone.

MaxineMax may be the boy next door, but it’s fresh and feisty for a girl.

Mercer — Unexpected occupational name with multiple musical namesakes.

Miro — An artistic alternative to Milo.

Nancy — Appealing retro nickname bouncing back ahead of its time.

Ned — Ted’s cuter and clunkier brother.

Nikolai — An attractive international spin on Nicholas.

Noble — Surname, virtue name and jazz hero name all rolled into one.

Octavia — On the rise as a striking alternative to Olivia.

Odette — One of the freshest -ette names right now.

Opal — Poised to follow other vintage gems like Ruby and Pearl up the charts.

OziasElias alternative for lovers of Ozzy.

Paloma — Pretty and peaceful Spanish pick with plenty of character.

Phineas — In the limelight again thanks to musician FINNEAS, but we prefer the more traditional Ph- spelling.

Phoebe — Sweet, stylish and familiar, but retains its offbeat charm.

Primrose — Quirky Rose name that manages to feel both frillier and feistier than the original.

Rafa — Raffish short form which is starting to stand alone.

Rainier — A European royal name with a cool and capable sound.

RemusHarry Potter put this ancient moniker on the map, but it’s hot nickname Remy which could put it on the charts.

Rex — The ultimate rugged yet regal choice.

Rosemary — Pretty vintage pick with a double natural meaning.

Seren — Sleek nature name near the top of the charts in its native Wales.

Soleil — A fun French twist on the sunshine theme.

Stanley — Its fashionable -ley ending and popularity across the pond makes this a strong contender for next vintage comeback kid.

Sullivan — Jaunty Irish surname with stellar nickname potential.

Sonny — Childhood pet name which has grown up to feel cool, creative and carefree.

Sunday – This soft but striking word name has been picked up by stylish celebrity parents in recent years.

ThayerSawyer meets Thatcher.

Theodora — A sophisticated, and surprisingly underused, choice which rivals even Elizabeth for nickname versatility.

Torin — On-trend Irish option for fans of Aiden and Nolan.

TrulyTrudy gets a modern makeover.

Vada — Vibrant alternative to rising vintage stars Ada and Vera.

Vander — Dynamic Dutch name shared by several sports stars.

Viggo — This striking Scandinavian choice manages to feel both cute and macho.

Wells — A smart successor to Brooks, or add an “e” for a tribute to cultural icon Orson Welles.

Winifred — At its peak in the 1920s, this distinguished vintage gem is ripe for revival again.

Xanthe — Who wouldn’t love that extravagant X initial?

ZebZebedee still feels like a big name to bear, but this snappy short form is just right.

Ziva — This beautiful Hebrew option gives Eva a touch of pizzazz!

And now it’s over to you!

What ONE name — girl, boy or unisex — would you nominate for the final spot, and why?

And just for fun: what would you name a girl and boy today, using only the names in this list?

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