"victorious protection"

Zygmunt Origin and Meaning

Variation of Sigmund

Zygmunt Popularity

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Famous People Named Zygmunt

  • Zygmunt Edward "Ziggy" SwitkowskiPolish Australian businessman and nuclear physicist
  • Zygmunt BaumanPolish sociologist
  • (Napoleon Stanisław Adam Feliks) Zygmunt KrasińskiPolish Romantic poet
  • Zygmunt Jan RumelPolish poet
  • Zygmunt Paweł MaszczykPolish footballer
  • Zygmunt GlogerPolish historian
  • Zygmunt SzendzielarzPolish WWII Underground commander
  • Zygmunt ChychłaPolish Olympic boxer
  • Zygmunt Henryk BerlingPolish general and politician
  • Zygmunt Józef AnczokPolish footballer
  • Zygmunt "Zygi" WilfGerman real estate mogul and NFL team owner
  • Zygmunt Lubszyńskibirth name of Siegmund Lubin, German,American film pioneer

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