"God has bestowed"

Zebadiah Origin and Meaning

The name Zebadiah is boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "God has bestowed".
Biblical names are expanding (literally) as some parents move on from Isaiah and Elijah to more elaborate choices with simple short forms like Jed and Zeb.

If you like this style of name, there are a number of others to choose from--Zedekiah (the last king of Judah), Zecheriah (there are 31 in the Bible), Zachariah, the prophet Zephaniah, and Jedidiah, the name given to Solomon at his birth.

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Famous People Named Zebadiah

  • Zebadiahdescendant of patriarch Benjamin (1 Chr. 8:15)
  • Zebadiahanother descendant of patriarch Benjamin (1 Chr. 8:17)
  • Zebadiahfollower of David (1 Chr. 12:7)
  • Zebadiahson of Meshelemiah, a Korhite (1 Chr. 26:2)
  • Zebadiahson of David's nephew Asahel (1 Chr. 27:7)
  • ZebadiahLevite in King Jehoshaphat's time (2 Chr. 17:8)
  • Zebadiahruler of the house of Judah in Jehoshaphat's reign (2 Chr. 19:11)
  • Zebadiahson of Michael; returned to Israel with Ezra (Ezra 8:8)
  • Zebadiahwho took a forgein wife; of the sons of Immer (Ezra 10:20)