HeartSid-ARTH; Sid-HARTH.
"one who has accomplished a goal"

Siddharth Origin and Meaning

The name Siddharth is boy's name of Hindi, Sanskrit origin meaning "one who has accomplished a goal".
Siddhartha Gautama was one of the real names of Buddha, making this an impressive and weighty name among the Buddhist community.

Among Hindis, Siddharth is strongly associated with the Brahmin caste. King Siddharth was an important figure for the Jains.

Siddharth is derived from two Sanskrit words — siddha, meaning "accomplished," and artha, "goal."

Siddharth Popularity

Famous People Named Siddharth

  • Siddhārtha Gautama aka BuddhaIndian,born founder of Buddhism
  • Siddharth (Suryanarayan)Indian actor
  • Sidharth MalhotraIndian actor
  • Sidhartha Vijay "Siddharth" MallyaIndian socialite and actor
  • Siddharth GuptaIndian actor
  • Sidharth LuthraIndian Supreme Court advocate
  • Siddharth Roy KapurIndian film director
  • Siddhartha MukherjeeIndian physician and author
  • Siddhartha Ramchandra JadhavIndian actor
  • Siddarth KaulIndian cricketer