"flat land"

Platt Origin and Meaning

The name Platt is boy's name of French origin meaning "flat land".
A surname with a lot of "juice," as they say, in Hollywood. In addition to veteran character actor Oliver Platt, there's La La Land producer Marc Platt and his actor son, Ben Platt, who won a Tony for Best Actor as the star of Broadway smash Dear Evan Hansen.

As a first name, though, Platt falls flat.

Famous People Named Platt

  • Oliver James PlattAmerican actor
  • Benjamin "Ben" Schiff PlattAmerican Actor
  • Marc PlattBen Platt's father and producer of the "La La Land" movie

Platt in Pop Culture

  • Platt Barbourcharacter in Donna Tartt's Pulitzer prize winning novel "The Goldfinch"