Greek place-name
"violet flower"

Ionia Origin and Meaning

The name Ionia is girl's name of Greek origin.
Also relating to the sea and the islands, this name is a bit more melodic than its cousins.

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Ionia in Pop Culture

  • Ioniaa Magypsy in the video game "Mother 3"
  • Capricorn Ioniacharacter in the anime "Saint Seiya Omega"
  • Ionian Seaan arm of the Mediterranean
  • Ionian Schoolfirst group of philosophers that we know of; can also refer to the art movement
  • The Turkish name for GreeceYunanistan, literally means "Land of the Ionians." Ionia also yielded the name for the country in Arabic and Hindi (Yunan). The place name (which Herodotus credits to an ancestral Ion, son of Apollo and Creusa) is probably pre,Greek, perhaps related to Sanskrit yoni "womb, vulva," and a reference to goddess,worshipping people.
  • "The Ionians delighted in wanton dances and songs more than the rest of the Greeks ... and wanton gestures were proverbially termed Ionic motions." [Thomas Robinson"Archaeologica Graeca," 1807]
  • "Ionian mode" is musical terminology meaning "in a major key"