"flight or forsaken"

Hagar Origin and Meaning

The name Hagar is girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "flight or forsaken".
Hagar is an Old Testament name as horrible as the eponymous comic strip character.

20 Names Similar to Hagar

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Famous People Named Hagar

  • Hagar Chemaliformer US treasury dept. spokeswoman
  • HagarIshmael's Egyptian mother (i.e. "the Mother of the Ishmaelites"), handmaid of Sarah and concubine to Abraham
  • Sammy HagarAmerican rock singer, musician, and songwriter

Hagar in Pop Culture

  • Hagarfictional character in Octavia Estelle Butler's novel "Kindred"
  • Hagar the Horriblecomic strip about a (male) Viking
  • Hagarnickname for Hagrid used by his half giant brother in the "Harry Potter" series
  • Hagar Shipley (née Currie)main character in "The Stone Angel" (1964) by Margaret Laurence
  • Hagarcharacter in the book "Song of Solomon" by Toni Morrison