Italian variation of William

Guglielmo Origin and Meaning

The name Guglielmo is a boy's name of Italian origin.
William is a stylish classic right now, and while translating many classic names into Italian makes them instantly cooler and more attractive, this is one exception: Guglielmo presents pronunciation problems for the English speaker, suggesting the less-than-cool word "googley" followed by the even-less-cool-than-that Elmo.

While the actual pronunciation is Goo-LYEL-mo, in this case we advise that you stick with William.

Famous People Named Guglielmo

  • Guglielmo Marconi1st Marquis of Marconi, Italian inventor of radio
  • Guglielmo Ciro NasiItalian WWII general
  • Guglielmo PalazzaniItalian rugby union player
  • Guglielmo PepeItalian general and patriot
  • Guglielmo Caccia aka il MoncalvoItalian painter
  • Guglielmo ScheibmeierItalian bobsledder

Guglielmo in Pop Culture

  • Guglielmomain character in Mozart's opera "Cosi Fan Tutte"