Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Bulgarian
"precious, dear"

Drago Origin and Meaning

The name Drago is boy's name meaning "precious, dear".
Drago sounds fierce but has a sweet meaning. It may be used as a standalone name or as a short form of other Slavic names beginning with the element dragu "dear", such as Dragoljub or Dragomir.

20 Names Similar to Drago

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Famous People Named Drago

  • Drago GrubelnikSlovenian skier
  • Drago GervaisCroatian poet
  • Drago IblerCroatian architect
  • Drago JančarSlovenian novelist
  • Drago MarušičSlovenian politician
  • Drago VukovićCroatian handballer

Drago in Pop Culture

  • Ivan Dragoboxer in the film Rocky IV
  • Raniero "Blackie" Dragocharacter in Spider,Man comics
  • Dragocharacter in Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Drago Bludvistvillain in How to Train Your Dragon 2