"dark stranger"

Dougal Origin and Meaning

The name Dougal is boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "dark stranger".
Heard in the Scottish highlands, and much more in tune with the present times than the dated Douglas — for which it could make a perfect tribute name.
Dougal was the Scottish nickname for invading dark-haired Danish Vikings, just as Fingal was given to the blonder Norwegians.

Dougray, as in actor Dougray Scott, is a similarly appealing choice.

Dougal Popularity

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Famous People Named Dougal

  • Peter "Dougal" ButlerEnglish author and roadie for The Who drummer Keith Moon
  • Dougal DixonScottish author and geologist
  • DJ Dougal (born Paul Arnold Clarke)British hardcore DJ
  • Dougal HastonScottish mountaineer
  • Dougal WilsonEnglish music video and commercial director
  • Dougal RobertsonScottish sailor and memoirist
  • Dougal DrysdaleScottish fire safety expert

Dougal in Pop Culture

  • Dougal McGuirecharacter on TV's "Father Ted"
  • Dougal Mackenziecharacter in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series
  • Hamish and Dougalcharacters on British radio comedy series "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" and "You'll Have Had Your Tea"
  • Dougaldog in the English animated series "The Magic Roundabout"