Aimée Origin and Meaning

The name Aimée is girl's name of French origin meaning "beloved".
Whether you pronounce it like the original Amy or the Frenchified Ay-may, this form adds considerable elan to an old favorite.

20 Names Similar to Aimée

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Famous People Named Aimée

  • Aimée de Heerenborn Aimée Soto,Maior de Sá or Aimée de Sotomayor, Brazilian socialite
  • Aimée SommerfeltNorwegian novelist
  • Aimée CastleCanadian actress

Aimée in Pop Culture

  • "Aimée & Jaguar" 1999 German movie based on Holocaust victim Lilly "Aimée" Wust
  • "Aimée Duffy" album by Welsh singer Duffy
  • Dostoevsky's daughter Lyubov (18691926) was also known by the name Aimée Dostoyevskaya when she lived abroad (Aimée being a translation of Lyubov, which is derived from the Slavic element lyuby = "love")