Variation of Zita or Greek letter name

Zeta Origin and Meaning

The name Zeta is a girl's name of Italian, Greek origin.
The sixth letter of the Greek alphabet, popularized by Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones -- Zeta was her grandmother's first name. Zeta can also refer to the letter Z, the last in the Roman alphabet, or be a spelling variation of Zita, a name with several possible origins and meanings.

Zeta Popularity

20 Names Similar to Zeta

Lists containing Zeta

Famous People Named Zeta

  • Catherine ZetaJones, Welsh actress

Zeta in Pop Culture

  • Zetacharacter in webcomic "Gunnerkrigg Court" by Tom Siddell
  • Zetamain character in "Slave of the Huns" by Géza Gárdonyi

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