"shining brightly"

Yu Origin and Meaning

The name Yu is a boy's name of Chinese origin meaning "shining brightly".
Yu the Great founded China's first dynasty, but in this country "Hey, you!" would make this name utterly confusing, in an Abbott and Costello way.

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Famous People Named Yu

  • Yu the Greatlegendary founder of China
  • Yu DarvishJapanese baseball player
  • Faye Yu (born Yu Feihong)Chinese actress
  • Yu KobayashiJapanese football player

Yu in Pop Culture

  • Yua System Lord on TV's "Stargate SG,1"
  • Yucharacter in the film adaptation of "Animal Crossing: Wild World"
  • Yu Yevoncharacter in video game "Final Fantasy X"
  • "YuGi,Oh!," Japanese anime
  • YuYu HakushoJapanese manga series

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