Windy Origin and Meaning

The name Windy is a girl's name of English origin meaning "windy".
And her sisters, Stormy and Sunny.

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Famous People Named Windy

  • Windy WeberAmerican musician of ambient duo Windy & Carl
  • John William "Windy" McCallAmerican male baseball player

Windy in Pop Culture

  • "Windy" song by The Association
  • Windycharacter in "Life on Mars" (2008)
  • Windy Sommerscharacter on TV's "Roswell"
  • Windy Windkloppel aka Sam Westingmale character in "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin
  • Windy and Breezycartoon bears created by Walter Lantz
  • Windysorceress in video game "Suikoden"
  • Windy Millermale character in animated series "Camberwick Green"

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