"protecting army"

Werner Origin and Meaning

The name Werner is a boy's name of German origin meaning "protecting army".
Formal name lacking any sparkle or sheen.

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Famous People Named Werner

  • Werner HerzogGerman documentary filmmaker
  • Wernher Magnus Maximilian von BraunGerman,American rocket scientist
  • Werner von Trappson of Georg and Maria von Trapp of "Sound of Music" fame
  • Werner HeisenbergGerman theoretical physicist and Nobel prize winner
  • (Ernst) Werner von SiemensGerman entrepeneur
  • Alfred Wernerwinner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry
  • Werner Theodor Otto ForssmannGerman physician; winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Werner ArberSwiss microbiologist; winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Werner MöldersGerman WWII flying ace
  • Werner StengelRoller Coaster designer

Werner in Pop Culture

  • Werner Brandescharacter from movie "Sneakers"
  • Dr Werner Ernstfrom the movie "Critical Care" played by James Spader
  • Werner Klempererfrom the movie "Auto Focus"
  • Werner MemingerLiesel Meminger's young brother in The Book Thief
  • Wernera shady guy turned shopkeep in Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Werner PfennigJutta Pfennig's older brother and one of the main characters in All The Light We Cannot See

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