Vijay Origin and Meaning

The name Vijay is a boy's name of Sanskrit origin meaning "conquering".
Classic Indian name, but in this time and place it would be associated with a VJ or video disk jockey.

Vijay Popularity

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Famous People Named Vijay

  • Vijay SinghFijian golfer
  • Vijay (born Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar)Indian actor
  • Vijaya Gurunatha "Vijay" SethupathiIndian actor
  • Vijay MallyaIndian politician
  • Vijay Dhondopant TendulkarIndian playwright

Vijay in Pop Culture

  • Vijaycharacter in James Bond film "Octopussy"
  • Vijaythe World's Most Desperate Venture Capitalist, character in comic strip "Dilbert"

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