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Gender: F Pronunciation: OO-ta Meaning of Uta: "prosperity, riches" Origin of Uta: German

Medieval name that still hasn't crossed the ocean, known here primarily via actress/teacher Uta Hagen.

Famous People Named Uta

Uta Thyra Hagen, famed teacher and actress
Uta von Naumburg, model for Disney's evil queen from Snow White
Ute Lemper, German singer and actress

Pop Culture References for the name Uta

Uta, role in the Ernest Reyer opera 'Sigurd'
In the Germanic saga the 'Nibelungenlied', Ute is the mother of Kriemhild and King Gunther.
"Uta" means "song" in Japanese
Uta Refson, vampirologist on 'The L Word' (her full name is Nosferatu backwards)

Utte, Ode, Ute, Ude, Yuta, Utako