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Gender: F Meaning of Tora: "thunder" Origin of Tora: Japanese

Stands apart from other ora names like Nora and Flora via its aural association with the Jewish Torah. Actress Jeanne Tripplehorn chose it for her daughter.

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Famous People Named Tora

Tora Mosterstong, concubine of King Harald Fairhair of Norway; mother of Håkon the Good
Tora Torbergsdatter, queen consort of King Harald Hardrata of Norway; mother of two kings
Tora Aasland, Norwegian politician
Tora Berger, Norwegian Olympic biathlete
Tora Teje, Swedish actress
Torah Jane Bright, Australian Olympic snowboarder
Tora Lian-Juin Harris, American Olympic high jumper

Pop Culture References for the name Tora

Tora, Main character in "The Dark Light" by Mette Newth
"Tora-Dora," manga and anime
Tora Brown, character in Nanny McPhee
"Tora! Tora! Tora!" 1970 Japanese-American film about Pearl Harbor
Japanese: Tiger
Scandinavian: Thunder
Portuguese: Log

Torille, Torez, Toril, Torill