"a stone"

Sten Origin and Meaning

The name Sten is a boy's name of Swedish origin meaning "a stone".
Once a short form of names containing this syllable, it is now used on its own, though we'd prefer Sven.

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Famous People Named Sten

  • Sten Sture the ElderRegent of Sweden
  • Sten Sture the YoungerRegent of Sweden under the Kalmar Union
  • Sten AbelNorwegian Olympic sailor
  • Sten AnderssonSwedish politician and cabinet minister
  • Sten ForshufvudSwedish expert on poisons who put forward the theory that Napoleon Bonaparte died of arsenic poisoning
  • Sten WahlundSwedish geneticist
  • Sten HeckscherSwedish politician
  • Sten LindrothSwedish historian
  • Sten PålssonSwedish footballer
  • Sten StensenNorwegian speed skater

Sten in Pop Culture

  • Stencharacter in video game "Dragon Age: Origins"
  • Stencharacter in video game "Breath of Fire II"
  • Stenmain character in The Sten Chronicles by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch

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