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Gender: M Meaning of Sten: "a stone" Origin of Sten: Swedish

Once a short form of names containing this syllable, it is now used on its own, though we'd prefer Sven.

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Famous People Named Sten

Sten Sture the Elder, Regent of Sweden
Sten Sture the Younger, Regent of Sweden under the Kalmar Union
Sten Abel, Norwegian Olympic sailor
Sten Andersson, Swedish politician and cabinet minister
Sten Forshufvud, Swedish expert on poisons who put forward the theory that Napoleon Bonaparte died of arsenic poisoning
Sten Wahlund, Swedish geneticist
Sten Heckscher, Swedish politician
Sten Lindroth, Swedish historian
Sten Pålsson, Swedish footballer
Sten Stensen, Norwegian speed skater

Pop Culture References for the name Sten

Sten, character in video game "Dragon Age: Origins"
Sten, character in video game "Breath of Fire II"
Sten, main character in The Sten Chronicles by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch

Sten's International Variations

Steen (Danish) Stein (Norwegian)