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Gender: M Meaning of Sixtus: "sixth born" Origin of Sixtus: Latin

The name of several popes and saints, Sixtus is certainly unusual but would have trouble making it in the modern world outside the Vatican. Even worse is its brother Sextus. Try making it through seventh grade with that name.

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Famous People Named Sixtus

Sixtus I-V, popes
Saint Sixtus of Reims, first bishop of Reims, France
Sixtus of Tannberg, Bishop of Gurk and Prince-Bishop of Freising, Austria
Sixtus of Siena, Italian theologian
Edmund Sixtus "Ed" Muskie, 58th U.S. Secretary of State

Pop Culture References for the name Sixtus

Originally written Xystus, this is ultimately from the Greek xyst, "scraped" (and since it belonged to the sixth pope, was later confused with Sextus)