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Gender: M Origin of Sinjin: Phonetic spelling of St. John

The name St. John is much more usable and exotic in its phonetic spelling--similar to the way St. Clair evolved into Sinclair. St. John has some literary cred--St. John Rivers is a cool character in Jane Eyre.

St. John has been attached to a number of notable men--not as a first but as a middle name, one shared by Evelyn Waugh, Basil Rathbone, Richard Harris and Brian Eno.

Famous People Named Sinjin

(Harry) St. John Bridger Philby, British explorer and author
Christopher St. John "Sinjin" Smith, American beach volleyball player
St. John Greer Ervine, Irish playwright and author
Sinjin Hawke, Canadian music producer
St John Beverley Groser, English clergyman and socialist
St John Ratcliffe Stewart "Jock" Horsfall, English racing driver
Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh, English novelist

Pop Culture References for the name Sinjin

St. John Rivers, character in Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"
Sinjin Van Cleef, character on TV's 'Victorious'
St. John Allerdyce aka Pyro, villain in X-Men comics
"Sin-Jin Smyth," unreleased horror movie