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Gender: F Meaning of Sibyl: "seer, oracle" Origin of Sibyl: Greek

The original but less common spelling of the ancient mythological name, now used mostly for fictional witches. But the rise of the lovely Lady Sybil Crawley on television's Downton Abbey and the fall of the multiple personality Sybil, a self-confessed fake, may give Sibyl and Sybil more credibility as a name.

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Famous People Named Sibyl

Sibyl Ludington, American revolutionary
Sibyl Sanderson, American operatic soprano
Sibyl Buck, American musician and model
Sibyl Mary Hathaway, Dame of Sark
Sibyl, Lady Colefax, English interior decorator and socialite
Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, German art historian and author; wife of artist László Moholy-Nagy
Sibyl Enid Vera Munro Morrison, first woman barrister in New South Wales, Australia

Pop Culture References for the name Sibyl

Sibyl Vane, Dorian's love interest in Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray"
The Sibyls, oracular women believed to possess prophetic powers in ancient Greece and Rome. From Greek Sibylla, of uncertain origin (said to be from Doric Siobolla, from Attic Theoboule "divine wish")
The Temple of the Sibyl, Poland's first museum (est. 1801); contained objects "pertaining to the glories and miseries of human life"

Sibyl's International Variations

Sybilla, Sibylla (Swedish) Sibéal (Irish Gaelic) Cybele, Sibylle, Sybille (French) Sibilia (Slavic)