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Gender: F Meaning of Shani: "scarlet, marvelous" Origin of Shani: Indian mythological name; Hebrew, Swahili

It would be easy to dismiss this girlish name as invented fluff, but it has roots in several cultures with evocative meanings and references. Shani refers to the "scarlet thread" or theme of a story. Shani is also the name of a Hindu god and the Sanskrit word for the planet Saturn. And it's a Swahili name also found in other African cultures that means marvelous.

Famous People Named Shani

Shani Wallis, English actress and singer
Shani Mootoo, Trinidadian-Canadian writer and visual artist
Shani Davis, American male Olympic speed skater

Pop Culture References for the name Shani

Shani, medic from The Witcher books and video games