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Gender: M Meaning of Severin: "stern, serious" Origin of Severin: French variation of Severus; Latin

Severin is an ancient Roman family name borne by several early saints. It's still alive throughout Europe, and could be ready for import here. Severin Winter is a wrestling prodigy character in John Irving's The 158-Pound Marriage and, in its original Latin form, Severus Snape appears in Harry Potter.

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Famous People Named Severin

Severin Browne, Jackson Browne's brother, who is also a musical artist

Pop Culture References for the name Severin

Severin, main character from the novel and song "Venus in Furs," by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and The Velvet Underground, respectively

Severin's International Variations

Seweryn (Polish) Severi (Finnish) Soren (Danish) Szörény (Hungarian) Severino (Italian) Severin (German) Sévère (French)