"old, wise ruler"

Rich Origin and Meaning

Variation of Aldrich

Lists containing Rich

Famous People Named Rich

  • Richard Caruthers "Rich" LittleAmerican voice actor
  • Richard Olen "Rich" Sommer IIAmerican actor
  • Richard "Rich" EisenAmerican sportscaster
  • Richard Joseph "Rich" HillAmerican baseball pitcher
  • Richard Joseph "Rich" CoadyAmerican NFL football player
  • Rich MooreAmerican animation director
  • Richard A. "Rich" LowryAmerican magazine editor

Rich in Pop Culture

  • Filthy Richcharacter in "My Little Pony" series
  • Spoiled Rich (nee Milk)character in "My Little Pony" series
  • Stinkin Richcharacter in "My Little Pony" series

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