Dutch, diminutive of Remment, Remmert, or Remmelt
"place on a riverbank"

Rem Origin and Meaning

The name Rem is a boy's name of Dutch origin.
The Dutch are fond of short nickname names, and this one is tied to influential and provocative architect Koolhaas, born Remment. Could also be short for Remington or Remy.

Rem Popularity

20 Names Similar to Rem

Lists containing Rem

Famous People Named Rem

  • Rem Ivanovich ViakhirevRussian businessman
  • Remment Lucas "Rem" KoolhaasDutch architect

Rem in Pop Culture

  • Rem Saveremcharacter in the anime Trigun
  • Remcharacter in light novel/manga/anime "Re:Zero"
  • Remandroid in film Logan's Run
  • Rem Kaginukia devil in anime Dance with Devils
  • Remcharacter in anime "Dream Hunter Rem"
  • Remfemale Shinigami (god of death/grim reaper) in the manga/anime "Death Note"

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